Peter Navarro: Coronavirus drug could start production this month

FOX: With the coronavirus outbreak posing a threat to the global economy, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro offered some hope Friday night.

Navarro told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs on his eponymous primetime showthat the White House is pushing ahead and “moving at Trump time” on a treatment drug and are hopeful testing and production could begin “as early as the end of the month, mid-March.”

It is a promising development as headlines are dominated by stories such as the death toll from the coronavirus in mainland China — which as of Friday night stood at 1,523. China’s National Health Commission says the total number of confirmed cases in the country stands at more than 66,400 people. more

5 Comments on Peter Navarro: Coronavirus drug could start production this month

  1. We need to move our freakien drug production back here. Why is China making all our drugs. You know, the same damn country that poisons our pets. I recently spent 4 days in the hospital and I’m convinced it was do to a bad reaction to a rather generic prescription. Still recovering. It was the only variable.

  2. Remember Tom Friedman wishing that we could have an authoritarian government to crack the whip and get shit done?

    You’re welcome, Chicoms. We’re not doing this for you, we’re doing it for the rest of the world. Clean up your act.

  3. Because, you know, when the Nazis ran out of bullets, American factories started running on three shifts, seven days a week, to resupply them.

    It was just a tragic crime against humanity that the evil, (but only the) radical Muslims wouldn’t let us resupply the oil the Japanese needed. Filthy Mohammedans.

    Hey! Mentioning Lou Dobbs, how’re noose futures doing?

  4. Somethings really fishy if they have a vaccine this soon after a outbreak from a previously unknown virus. That never happens unless the virus has already been studied. Like maybe something they have been playing with in a lab?

  5. Make sure the injection is field tested in DC before a release to the general public, fatal reactions won’t bother anyone.


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