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PHOTO: This Woman’s Breasts Outraged Patrons at Disneyland


A woman fires back against those who have criticized her for breastfeeding her son out in public while at Disneyland with her family.

Brittni Medina was at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, with her family when she managed to outrage other patrons in the park. While they were standing in a long line for a ride, she decided to breastfeed her infant son, as she did not wish to lose her spot in line. However, unfortunately some were incredibly upset by her actions.

As she nursed openly, Medina soon realized that some of the people around her weren’t too happy with what she was doing. The mother explained that two women in particular began criticizing her for breastfeeding in a public place, making very loud comments stating how she should’ve located to a more private place.

Instead of ignoring the comments, Medina chose to have her husband take a picture of her breastfeeding her son while the women making comments stand in the back criticizing her.


The tattoos are a nice touch.

They should say his and hers,

because they hang like towels.

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  1. She just couldn’t find a bench somewhere and quietly take care of her child.

    At least she didn’t have to take a Shit.

  2. “… she did not wish to lose her spot in line”
    “… chose to have her husband take a picture”

    just another attention whore

  3. But Drag Queen story hour is OK?
    In fact it’s encouraged.
    Selective outrage I guess. Hard to keep up anymore.

  4. Remember the movie were the sailor had the tattoo of “HOT” “COLD” with the bottom of the faucet appropriately placed.

  5. That kid is not an infant, looks to be old enough to not be in diapers anymore. And maybe just a bit too old for breastfeeding when he can walk up and ask for it by name.

  6. If her husband was with her their place in line wouldn’t have been lost.
    She wanted attention.
    That kid looks old enough to be eating regular food.

  7. The whole piece of shot herd can be found at Walmart in sweat pants or pajama bottoms, crocks or bedroom slippers at 11:00 PM any week night talking loudly enough that everyone in the place can hear them. Stocking up on microwave meals. I guarandamntee it. Friday this beast and her current hanger on will be found at the casino. They are what they are and the Democrat Party keeps them satisfied to remain in their slovenly state.

  8. Aside from it feeding a child that looks a little old for breastfeeding, it is disgusting that that thing would whip those droopy things out in public.

  9. I have seen women breastfeeding in public discreetly, but she didn’t need to hang both of those udders out at the same time. “Look at MEEEEEEE!”

    PS: Why is it always the wrong women who get naked in public?

  10. I heard she makes $80 bucks an hour at home while posting on “HOLSTEIN’S & ANGUS & ME”….

  11. I grew up my early years in Detroit. I was about 4ish and stated to my Mom that black babies were lucky because they get chocolate milk. True story.

  12. For one, I’m all for breastfeeding if that is your desire, I breastfed all three of mine. Secondly, I never sat around with my boobs hung out for the world to see. I’m sorry breastfeeding is natural, breastfeeding for the world to see is not natural. Have a little decency for yourself and others and cover up.
    That kid is too big to still be nursing. These women who continue nursing toddlers have a screw loose. The same for those who do it with their boobs hanging out.

    I sure miss the sane moral world I once lived in. It seems today you can’t go out in public without seeing some tattooed woman with her breasts hung out, her fat butt hanging out, along with her fat stomach.
    Tattooed men who look like freak shows, which is still better than the queers holding hands or kissing in public. Then you have the dykes and then the men dressed like women.

  13. Did anyone ask if National Geographic was documenting a segment of the population that has rejected a hand written invitation to salvage what dignity is left of what they have made of themselves. These cheap, crass and tawdry stunts don’t impress anyone.

  14. a theme park, you say?

    They call her Flapper, Flapper, rolling like thunder,
    No-one you see, is the boss of she.
    And we know that Flapper, Flapper, lives in a world full of wonder,
    Flying there-under, under tattees!
    Everyone loves the mud flaps you see,
    Ever so kind and gentle is she.
    Tricks she will do when children appear,
    And how they laugh when she’s near!
    They call her Flapper, Flapper, pwning the Karens,
    No-one you see, is smarter than she.
    And we know Flapper, hates all the Muricans,
    Crowding the lines up, there in Disney!



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