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Piers Morgan and Donald Trump Buddies?


This image is not Photoshopped and has only been altered to for size.  Piers Morgan is using a similar image for his Christmas card this year.

Maybe the President Elect has found his WH press secretary.



10 Comments on Piers Morgan and Donald Trump Buddies?

  1. slimy limey

    i have no love of patience for those who arrogantly preach to america about how “wrong” we are on guns or on any subject

    god bless the patriots of the 1770s who threw their stupid tea in the drink and took on the blatant arrogance of their “empire”

  2. Mr Trump has a lifelong resume of success. We are very lucky to have our prospects for success aligned with his now.

    Some of us clearheadedly knew this when we chose him for President over any politician or any stripe.

  3. A fine example of Libtard Eurotrash we don’t need imposing foreign doctrine on us. He can be first on the two floating dump carriers we put on each coast to haul them to their socialist regime of choice.

  4. Trump has the rare ability to compartmentalize his social transactions, meaning that he has nothing to lose by taking a picture with an adoring ‘fan’, but he’ll get down to serious business when it’s something he doesn’t agree with, with the same person. Witness the outcome with Romney, for example. That’s not the only example, just one off the top of my head.

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