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‘pig rassling’

A number of animal rights group objected to the annual St. Patrick’s pig wrestle in Stephenville, WI.ย (or what Obama calls, date night with Michelle). So the parish canceled the event this year.

pig wrestling

But that wasn’t enough for the protestors, they want charges brought against the organizers.ย 

Last year’s event was filmed by the animal activist and posted to YouTube.


The opponents want the organizers charged with “instigating, promoting or aiding animal fighting.”


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  1. They can’t tolerate tradition or history. Is the same group that is digging up Nathan Bedford Forrest’s remains?

    We must enact legislation that outlaws being a pussy. Enough already.

  2. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

  3. Yea, my oldest sons on a hot shot crew that just got called down there. Sweating it a little bit. Looks like they’re holding it but that shits straight up and straight down. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it.

  4. Big Gun, That ones got no reverse and no neutral. He’s probably carved ten years off my life but God I love him.

  5. Shh, I probably shouldn’t tell them about the annual Cow Plop going on in the playground behind my house for the past 20+years on the first Saturday in June. The Catholic elementary school across the street from me has held the Cow Plop as their chief fundraiser by turning loose a couple of cows in the playground, gridding off the field into about 3000 small squares and raffling tickets for $5 each and if the cow takes a dump on your square you can win up to $2000. We call it bovine bingo. Anyway they have a street fair next to my house and a beer garden in the front yard of the Rectory across the street. It’s a hoot seeing all the people line up against the fence watching the people hoping that the cow takes a poop on their square so they can win some money. I did win $50 last year when the cow pooped on an adjacent square next to the winning square. And you should’ve seen it about 20 years ago when one of the cows got sick and died on the field. My kids were still going to the school at the time and I was one of the many parent volunteers. I got to help them load the dead cow into the back of a pickup truck before anyone realized what was going on but the Mayor was here that year as well as some of the local media so it was reported on. And there is a butcher and meat locker a block away from my house, we tried to get them to take the cow there but they couldn’t do it. What would have been better than fresh meat at a Cow Plop. Gotta love the creativity of Catholics with their fundraisers, Protestants would never do this. Are you kidding me ,just having a beer garden would send them over the edge in condemnation of having fun.

  6. The 1st Saturday of every June at Trinity Catholic School (St. Anthony’s Parish), just across the street from my house in Spokane, Wa. It is a hoot, my wife and I used to invite people over for a bbq. You’d never think anyone could get so excited watching a cow poop hoping to win some money on Cow Plop Sat.

  7. As my dad used to say: “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.” A lot like attempting to teach logic to a liberal.

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