The Knuckle On the Head Is Nearly Fully Formed

I hate people. I hate people because they are stupid.

What’s the latest stupidity to sweep this nation of abject morons?

Sandra Bland was dead in her mugshot. Yep, these people negate your vote.


There are people on Twitter who have completely accepted this without question. It’s a fact now. She’s dead in the picture.


Her eyes are dead. Her shoulders are square. The background is the same color as her cell floor. She’s in a jumpsuit and, finally, her hair is pointing back.

-Here eyes look like someone who has been crying and/or stoned. Her autopsy has shown high amounts of marijuana in her system.

-Her shoulders look square, indeed. Is she laying down? No. What is more plausible is that her hands are on her hips or her arms are crossed, both actions will square off your shoulders.

– Everything in a jail is gray.

– Mugshots from that county show some people in clothes, some in jumpsuits. The county said it depends on how busy they are.

– Her hair does not look pushed back.

Now, how stupid does it get? Someone posted this doctored photo on Twitter and the morons are saying it is the original photo, and that the other one is the photoshop.



I learned everything I need to know about lofos during the OJ trial. It is frightening to get a glimpse of how some people’s minds work, or don’t work.

How about this real mugshot of football player Desmond Bryant, is he dead?


10 Comments on The Knuckle On the Head Is Nearly Fully Formed

  1. I’ve seen NBA players that look dead from the neck up, but they’re still running around, making baskets.

    It’s deceiving.

  2. She doesn’t look nearly as dead as Ambassador Stevens did with those fellas who were just draggin’ him along to the hospital to be helped.

  3. 3 days in jail over a failure to signal a lane change?
    White cop?
    Black victim?

    Pretty damn conclusive if yo ax me!

    She was prolly dead when he cuffed her!
    Or, maybe, she was drivin round dead, and that’s why she didn’t signal the lane change!

  4. “How about this real mugshot of football player Desmond Bryant, is he dead?”

    Just from the neck up.

  5. Evidently she had large amounts of marijuana in her system. She did the right thing by offing herself. She won’t be breeding babies, she won’t be collecting welfare and living off of other people’s money. She did society a favor.

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