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John Kasich has been exposed as a knife and fork pizza eater. 

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  1. THIS is what we are worried about in our society today? Are people SOOO thin skinned they would make their choice for President based on HOW a candidate eats a piece of pizza? Why don’t we just have them all go on Dancing With The Stars and the winner takes all?

    Another example of why our country is screwed.

  2. He can eat his pizza any way he wants to as long as its true that his father was a mailman. Did he mention that?

  3. Anybody that supports queer marriage, carbon tax, Muslim love, common core and global warming and approves seventh century Mohammed headbangers coming into our country is the same guy that stops to visit you and leaves 10 hours later. Hell, I think he’s the twin brother Brian Williams, anytime something was signed or agreed upon, Kasich was there. He’s a F_N phony.

  4. Figured that or he rolled it into little balls.

    Lying sack of monkey shit.

    Did he ever apologize to that cop? Fuck him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. When the crust is crisp enough, I eat pizza with my fingers. Soggy crust? Knife and fork.

    Side note: as a kid living in Argentina, I was exposed to what we’d now call Xtreme Table Manners. I saw people at table eating fruit with knife and fork. Oranges were odd enough, but can you imagine eating a banana that way? I’m not making this up.

  6. Kerry served in Vietnam, and Kasichs’ father was a mailman. It’s no wonder they put fucking ketchup on a hotdog.

  7. And? So? Much ado about nothing? Depending on the pizza, I usually start out the same way, eating the tip end with a fork. Then as I get closer to the outer crust, I pick it up to finish it.
    Sheesh! With all the REAL problems in the world, people have to go all ape-shit over THIS?
    A non-story if I ever read one.

  8. I don’t care how he eats his pizza.
    It’s his big government, open border liberal attitude that I hate.

  9. It depends on the type of pizza.
    I personally don’t like to wear my food,
    and I don’t shovel it in my mouth as if it were my last meal.

    Kasich should drop out of the race anyway.
    This race needs to be settled between Trump & Cruz.

  10. I don’t eat without wearing my food.
    It’s just who I am.

    If I eat a single fuckin slice of cucumber, some of the seeds end up on my shirt.

    Fuck a knife and fork!


    Eat with gusto … you’re gonna die, anyway.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. The ONE thing you can get credit for – being JUST smart enough NOT to get photographed deep throating a hot dog.

  12. @Facts as Big as Texas : I’ve seen pics of Obama and the Mooch deep throating a hot dog. Even saw a pic of Obama with his slimey hands over the glass partition at a Chipoltes. That did it for me for ever eating at Chipoltes – or eating a hot dog.

  13. In New York City, there are certain food behaviors that will get you automatically labeled as a faggot-assed pussy.

    Eating pizza with a knife and fork is one of them. One of the mayors (I think it was Bloomberg) did this at a pizza joint on Staten Island. The press coverage was ferocious. I don’t think he ever lived it down.

    On a visit to New York City, one of Princess Di’s handlers had to let her know that if she wanted to keep her title of “The People’s Princess,” then she’d best order her pastrami sandwich with mustard, not mayo (which was her initial inclination).

  14. The last time I was in Europe, I ordered a pizza in a Salzburg restaurant. When they brought it out to me, I noticed it hadn’t been cut into slices, so I asked the server to have it cut for me so I could eat it. He looked at me as though I was from outer space. And then I noticed other diners using knives and forks to eat their pizzas. He returned with my pizza, cut into slices, and I must have been quite the spectacle eating my pizza by the slice, because some of the other diners were staring at me while I ate. I guess using cutlery to eat pizza is the European way, but I think it’s a strange way to eat pizza.

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