Planned Parenthood Transitioning

With fewer women seeking abortion or any services at all from Planned Parenthood, the government fund-grubbing organization has announced that it now provides hormones to those seeking to transition their gender. Be sure to check out the whole article. There are some interesting details on just how dependent PP is on government support in order to keep its doors open.  More

13 Comments on Planned Parenthood Transitioning

  1. Pull all government funding of Planned Parenthood.

    Where’s speaker ryan, the gutless leader, on this issue?

    Congress does not possess the moral character to do the right thing. Politics over principle is their motto.

  2. Stop them !
    They wield a ton of power with Liberal Elites, and probably supply a special part of their Diet’s.
    Stop Feminizing American Boys P.P, I know your attacking from both ends now. Trying to disarm the Parents while you Disarm our Son’s !

  3. huh. Could the decline be a result of the shocking sale of infant body parts? Who wants to be part of that – no one.

  4. The state has no business funding these child murderers, and I strongly resent being forced to be party through my taxes.

  5. Should the federal government be funding hormone treatments for transsexual, because that’s direction this is all headed.

  6. Lesbians need penises so they can give their fat BFF some hot real things only a man can give. Bless their broke messed up hearts.

  7. “Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings have fallen by two-thirds…” THIS IS A LIE! Planned Parenthood DOES NOT DO ANY CANCER SCREENINGS! This FACT has been reported on numerous times. STOP the LIES, and STOP using our taxes to KILL BABIES!!!

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