Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax Dollars

( – Planned Parenthood says its affiliates did 321,384 abortions in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2016, according to its newly released 2016-2017 annual report.

In the same report, Planned Parenthood says its affiliates received $543.7 million in payments from government—“Government Health Services Reimbursements & Grants,” the report calls them—in the year that ended on June 30, 2017.

According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, Medicaid and the federal Title X Family Planning Program both provide tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. (As summarized in a Congressional Research Service report published in May 2017, Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates received $400.56 million in Medicaid funding in 2012 and $64.35 million in Title X funding.)  more here

18 Comments on Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax Dollars

  1. According to their own report, their revenue was 1.6 BILLION dollars. Stop funding them, they are raising enough blood money on their own.

  2. Whatever happened to personal responsibility…………. to maybe not get pregnant??? I guess this is part of “evolution” where the truly stupid do not procreate!!

  3. Plentiful money for infanticide, sex mutilation, opium addiction, and imagined non-physical disabilities. All funded by mandatory obamacare taxation. (Don’t forget Medicare/Medicaid and SSDI.)

    But Americans can’t afford to pay for preventive medicine because a long time ago (think 1950’s) the fees have been distorted by a government sanctioned insurance syndicate.

  4. That’s a lot of pap smears and mammograms.

    Dems are willing to shutdown the gov over PP funding. Let them.

  5. Page 32 – they have $844 million in cash, plus over $1 billion in property, and less than $300 million in liabilities.

    Their net assets increased by over $100 million.

    They spent ten$ if not hundred$ of million$ on political campaigns of one sort or another.

    If people want to contribute to PP then that’s fine with me. But US government should not be granting money to them, or to any other private organization of any type.

  6. all that money won’t do them any good once God sends them all to the lake of fire for killing His creation and laughing about it all the way to the bank.

  7. Sad part is; when we stand before God we can’t claim that we didn’t know.

    Silence is consent.

    “Yeah, Lord, I paid for that, but I thought I was paying for breast cancer exams …” Fat fuckin chance.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Planned Murder!
    This makes me so sick. Poor innocent babies.
    Special place in hell for this organization and the Dr’s that
    perform murder.

  9. Never Forget that the founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger whose forced euthenasia eugenics proposals were used by the National Socialists to justify murdering the “useless eater” physically and mentally challenged patients in German asylums. The Final Solution genocide then sprang from that. Margaret Sanger hated minorities, especially black people. She really was a hateful racist seahag. Sanger has much to answer for and so does anyone who has ever worked for Planned Parenthood.

    BTW, when are the priests at Pelosi’s parish church finally going to yank the Eucharist away from her when she waddles up to get her wafer?

  10. Gen. Lovell, that’d be a brilliant question (about Pelosi and Biden) for that Zero Mostel look-alike, the loco Papo Francisco.


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