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Police Believe SJW Murdered Her Six Children

THIS is the proper headline. Not really seeing it anywhere.

So, the “mystery” of the vehicle found upside down at the bottom of a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway has been solved. The social justice warrior with the 6 trophy kids murdered them and her “wife.”

The speedometer on the car was pinned at 90 mph when it intentionally took a header off the cliff.

I won’t say that the passenger was involved because I do not know for sure (but I strongly suspect she was part of a Thelma and Louise, one that selfishly and evilly involved the children.)


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  1. Not murder, she was just ‘saving’ the kids from a life of confusion and ridicule in the Trump era.

  2. Margret Sanger would be so proud.
    I took a ’52 Dodge step van up PCH, 1975.
    LA to Monteray.
    Even the bug drivers were flipping me off.

  3. I’ve been looking at this story for days waiting for more details. Seems pretty obvious now the two adults had been watching way too much Thelma and Louise.

    Does this mean we should restrict women from driving vans now?

  4. Murder/suicide is exactly what these two vagitarians had in mind. It’s sickens me to think of the terror those poor children must have felt.

  5. Really need to see a thorough scale diagram of the entire scene to get a better idea of what happened. If the front wheels were still under power as the van left the surface, they would have spun faster, possibly causing a 90 mph reading. Is this a newer van that has a black box? All the data should be there to reconstruct the crash. Otherwise they will have to rely on measurements and formulas to get a minimum speed.

  6. Hopefully the end for the kids was instantaneous and excruciating slow for the women.

    I feel bad for the kids. They were captives of two monsters.

  7. Were is the homosexual people talking about this the two lesbian just adopted does kids for the money.. teaching does kids to eat pussy.

  8. I expect that all of the functions women have put in place to make people safer were working properly. The Dole Light, Seat Belts ON for all 8 passengers, Air Bags deployed (front, side and rear). Were Drop Down movies engaged (?), were there loose objects left to fly around the cabin to harm kids as they became airborne? What was in the CD player?
    I hope there is a Mother’s Against Group that will actively protest all this if these two Lesbos had murder in their hearts. And who was the Judge who let these Dumplings have kids anyway?

  9. Gad! I am sure more little innocents will be demanded be born — and adopted — to be raised (and abused and tortured) by such folk as these. And the forced birthing community will just bat its eyes in confused innocence, “What? Who, me?” Twist your pearls and slink off.

    Babies should be born to loving, competent parents. That is all.

    Shee-sh! Happy Easter. ….Lady in Red

  10. I bet the “mom” got triggered when one of the kids asked “why don’t I have dad?”

  11. I didn’t know automobiles had airspeed indicators. There is another possible explanation. Go airborne, panic and stomp the gas peddle and what happens to the speedometer? Just saying.

  12. I can’t understand how States permit same sex couples to adopt children. It’s a no brainer why they want to adopt:
    1. They get paid for each child by the State.
    2. They get to raise the children “in their own image.”

  13. Lady In Red **”forced birthing community”**
    Actually what the group that you call egregious names really sees as the best solution is that if you are too irresponsible to prevent unwanted pregnancy and require a second abortion for your selfish convenience, a tubal ligation will be a mandatory part of that procedure. This would be a true women’s health asset! Now, go twist your own tits and slink off.

  14. Post-partum abortion … nothing to see here … move along.

    Also, no gun was involved!
    Assault or otherwise … so … NO STORY.

    Shouldn’t somebody be looking into the fact that children were adopted by mentally-ill perverts? Nahh … not politically correct … sorry.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. aleon APRIL 1, 2018 AT 5:24 PM

    “I didn’t know automobiles had airspeed indicators. There is another possible explanation. Go airborne, panic and stomp the gas peddle and what happens to the speedometer? Just saying.”

    I’m hoping that’s sarcasm. If not put the crack pipe down.

  16. I don’t want to say I told ya so, but I told ya so.

    The local, Washington and Oregon, authorities had information regarding what was going down even before the murder weapon was found.

  17. Dick Oldfork….. *I* am not the issue here. Perhaps, you did not read? There are six dead teenage children. Do you suppose they were able to feel pain? Do you suppose the years, alive, they had were filled with joy and skipping in the meadows, chasing butterflies and singing with the birds?

    Do you suppose they could feel pain? ….Lady in Red

  18. Yeah, but they were such a normal all-American family. :rolleyes

    Murder/suicide is the only thing that makes any sense.

  19. Published at 21:39 EDT AP: “BREAKING: California Highway Patrol: Evidence shows the SUV carrying family was stopped then accelerated straight off cliff”

  20. Liberalism is the worst sort of mental illness. Trouble is they are intent on murdering indiscriminately. Tell me why the left shouldn’t be put down. Violently, if necessary.

  21. Poor babies, left in the care of mentally, emotionally deranged, evil women who never, ever should have been allowed to adopt or foster anyone’s children.

  22. This will be hidden from the main stream pravda. We’ve been told for years that homosexuals actually make better parents. Or just as good as straight parents.
    Now we’re seeing more and more stories about these kids who can’t stand being in a family without both mother and father.
    Those poor kids didn’t ask for anything but a good family.
    The story is so dumb. The police say a felony has been committed. Really? What are they going to do? Prosecute dead lesbians who force their adopted kids to wear Bernie t-shirts?

  23. “Do you suppose they could feel pain? ….Lady in Red”

    No more pain than they would have experienced as infants being vivisected inside their “mothers.”

    How limited our compassion? Ehh?

    Chinese don’t feel pain, either … neither do Jews or Slavs …

    izlamo delenda est …

  24. Tim, you stated it
    When the medical texts stopped classifying deviant behavior as mental illness, the gates were opened

  25. Lady in Red,
    Wrong, you and all the other pro choice mouth pieces who encourage murders instead of encouraging women to take even a minimum of responsibility to ensure that any unwanted children should not be created in the first place are very much to blame.
    **”Babies should be born to loving, competent parent”**
    Tubal ligation for the lazy and irresponsible during the second procedure to terminate yet another “little mistake” would go a long way toward cutting down on both pre-birth murders and post-birth child abuse But, of course, you don’t want to admit you comprehend that do you?

  26. Dickie….. We are not discussing birth control here. Don’t play Sneaky Snake on me.

    Babies should be born to loving, competent parents. That is controversial, for you?

    I would actually reverse the entire process: *No* babies will be allowed to be born unless the parents are declared competent. Fucking, while drunk, should not entitle you to become a parent. Strange, but I do not understand why loving Christian people find that idea controversial. And, if after the howling “forced birthing” community succeeds in getting the fetus out the birth canal, then they are done with their work, eh?

    They only come back into play when the infant is slammed into a wall, has a concussion, broken bones, is starved to death, has cig burns all over its body. Then, the Christian chorus will go tsk-tsk, eye roll and scream about how the awful mother and/or boyfriend should be locked up forever in prison (at taxpayer’s expense).

    Tell me, Dickie, who is winning here? God? Do you really think God selected that infant to suffer so… it was part of His Plan? …Lady in Red
    PS: I’d suggest you discuss this with God again and see if you got the message wrong.

  27. You seriously believe Christians aren’t adopting? They’re just howling and forcing birth? Yikes. Have you ever met a Christian?

  28. Of course, Carmenzoid. ….smile…. I am one. And some are wonderful parents. Others….?

    My point: there are way too many abused, traumatized, raped, sexually trafficked, *enslaved* children — in America, alone (never mind the world) — and cooing about how God wants the product of every drunken one night stand or sociopath to “have a chance at life” is, at best, naive.

    You got the God message wrong, I am afraid. ….Lady in Red

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