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“Political Proctology Exam”

Calling the Mueller investigation a “political proctology” exam, White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway squared off with the biased White House press corp yesterday. In what may be a highlight of her career, Conway went on to call for transparency in the follow up investigation into how the Russian collusion hoax was begun in the first place.

Even Jim Acosta failed to make the press event about himself after being steam rolled by the president’s best representative. Watch  

15 Comments on “Political Proctology Exam”

  1. Kellyanne, the GREATEST asset Trump ever had re:his political career. She is smart, dogged, on point, does not suffer fools easily and is loyal. Now if only she would do something about her dope husband, what an ignoramus.

  2. President Trump is blessed with two great women. Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Carter. And he sleeps with a super model. I’m not the least bit jealous Mr. President.

  3. If I was Married to Kellyanne or Sarah, I’d keep my mouth shut Which I do anyway. No sense fighting a losing battle. Just ask Bad Brad. The Coleen told him to STFU! and he did. We haven’t heard from the poor guy since he gave his Coleen an ironing board for Christmas. Not to worry, Brad will be back. However this Mr. Kellyanne guy is a special case. He’s Irish, but he has to be a Gae-lick. A phucken amadan!


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