Portland Antifa Lashes Out Violently

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What the media and politicians painted as “violent right wing white supremacists chomping at the bit to engage in violence” turned into yet another left wing antifa riot-like scene, as the Proud Boys and other Trump supporters proved, as usual, to be peaceful and law abiding while the far left protestors came unhinged and once again terrorized Portland.

It was brilliantly played by former Infowars contributor Joe Biggs and Enrique Tarrio, head of the Proud Boys, who organized the “End Domestic Terrorism” protest. They had their peaceful protest that lasted for about an hour and a half, then they left. Antifa and other far left activists were left in the park, full of weeks of pent up rage, and they needed someone and something to take it out on. Unfortunately for the bystanders of Portland, they were once again subjected to the chaos from the left. More

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  1. FWIW, Kamala Harris is calling for the use of “Red Flag” laws to take guns away from racists and White nationalists and such because they might commit hate crimes. It is not against unstable individuals who might actually commit violent crimes, it is against political and ideological groups they want to see exterminated.

    As far as I can tell, no mention of taking guns from Antifa, Muslims, Black Muslims, and other such left wing terrorist and hate groups.

    The Left is becoming very, very clear about who they want to move against with these laws.

    Nothing is hidden anymore, it’s all out there in the open for anyone willing to look to see.

  2. But they are the strip club capitol of the country! That and their slogan, Keep it Weird Portland, fuels the low self esteem that drives their infantile progressivism to the point of absurdity.

  3. There is something wrong about the DOJ not interested in violent attacker’s letting it be known that they intend to shut down free speech, which is enumerated in our Constitution as a fundamental and unassailable right.

  4. How long have these protests been going on in Portland/Seattle? I seem to remember this going back to at least Clinton. Long before they glommed onto the antifa title. Shoulda demolished them a long long time ago.

  5. They’ve been going on since the late 80’s with the WTO riots in Seattle. My brother in law who is now a retired Seattle cop was there and he loved being able to bust heads on these anarchists. He had a lot of great stories to tell about those riots in Seattle.

  6. NBC msNBC spent all day yesterday broadcasting Live on the Scene embedded instigators and provacateurs. The msNBC Anchors bloodlust was on full display. The bubble headed botoxed blonds wanted to see some gore. These are some sick sorry sacks of shit and maybe something else. Vile Evil Live.
    ♪ . Ñ . ♪ . ß . ♪ . Ç . ♪

  7. All last week the local MSM types referred to the conservatives as neo Nazis. Not one word about the special little darlings of ANTIFA, the poor victims. And Portland leaders can’t figure out why Portland is a magnet for Soros funded terrorists. Local bloggers are blaming Trump.

  8. TO Anonymous

    The Proud Boys have promised to return to Portland EVERY MONTH
    until the Mayor either resigns or does something to stop PANtYfa* violence.

    * They look like they raided mommy’s underwear drawer to “mask” themselves.

  9. My local (New 12 Hudson Valley NY) news today said there was violence in Portland due to “far right” protesters and the “anti fascists” who stood up against them. Anyone surprised?

  10. The America hating MSM has not changed in over 65 years. In ’64 a thug Mario Savio leg a violent gang of goons “the Goons at the Gate”) against anyone speaking in favor of America. Savio’s thugs beat America lovers with their F U C K placards. The MSM described the America hater Savio as a “peacfull” protest. Michelle on her blog sites today’s MSM describing Antifa’s attacks as “peaceful” protests.

    America haters have been “peaceful protests” since 1960! Still are!

    FAKE NEWS has been the LAM’s “stock in Trade” since 1948! America hate FAXE NEWS.

  11. Arrest the Mayor of Portlandia and switch out the CS tear gas of the ones labeled VX! Start thinning the herd!

  12. This is being allowed as a basis for a government overthrow by Communists. The city mayor and officials are acting as Communist agents of change and do not intend to stop the violence. This is active warfare that should be being put down as insurrection. Again Trump is only a figure head, so uses only words with no follow through.

    Soros funded Anarcho-Communist agitators at every protest. Blac-block antifa. Fake revolutionaries
    Posted on February 1, 2017 by Corey Daniels
    “UPDATE: New report shows that yes George Soros is funding the Antifa protesters, along with local governments(including the city of Tucson, several private companies, labor unions and a group formally chaired by Hillary Clinton called the New World Foundation.) Click here to read the full report.

    I believe Soros and company are funding a Ukrainian style uprising in America. These protests are orchestrated and pre-planned.”

    “Here is the usual game plan for this type of revolution. We saw it play out perfectly in Ukraine.

    Use the media to turn the people against the president/government with daily attacks to inflame the people’s anger.
    Organize regular protests in large cities
    Pay agitators to cause conflicts between the police and the protesters
    The final trick is to use agents disguised as police to kill protesters in a place where there are media filming so that the massacre is caught on tape. This causes massive outrage among the people and the protest changes into outright warfare.
    Storm and take government buildings and occupy them”

  13. tRuth, so Trump should call in federal troops to quell a local disturbance?
    Yeah, that’ll get him elected again.

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