Potato Candy! (I had no idea)

I’ve never heard of this.  Have you? How do they taste?

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  1. Potato candy made the right way with just enough peanut butter is fantastic. Brings back my kid days at Christmas.

    Rolled and chopped like a spiral piece of sweet earth heaven

  2. It is attributed to the Irish, but I am Irish and can assure you it is not – it is something those southern nut cutters make. It’s pretty good.

    By the way, Corned Beef is rarely eaten in Erin, they mostly serve bacon with their cabbage or colcannon.

  3. This candy should called Death by diabetic coma. I swear I was watching an episode of You suck at cooking. It has far too much sugar in it. They already make potato shaped candy with marshmallows covered with chocolate and coconut on top called Idaho Spuds which are a regional candy in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, good stuff and one of my favorites.

  4. 6 cups or more of sugar and you have to ask “what does it taste like”?

    Is that going to answered before or after the diabetic coma sets in?

    Since nobody here who has tried it so far has answered that question yet, I would guess it tastes like…..SUGAR!

  5. My mother used to make it. My fellow Marines in Okinawa had never heard of it and thought it sounded gross. When my mom sent a batch to Oki they sure didn’t mind helping me eat it.

  6. As a hardcore Slav, I’d imagine it would have been filled with something like a marmelade: gooseberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc etc…

    Once I’m out of STOLLEN, PFEFFERNUSSE…….. 🙂
    (…or, dipped in alcohol…)

  7. One of my former husband’s favorites. His mom was a master cook and this is one thing I never made, because of the sugar. I ‘ruined’ his mom’s recipe by daring to cut sugar in half.

    I always used about 1/2 of the sugar any recipe asked for, including Kool Aid.

  8. Thanks MJA. Really interesting. He said the candies last for several dsys in the fridge, but it seems with the high sugar content they should last at least a week. Wonder if they freeze or turn watery.

  9. I think it’s either German, Austrian, or eastern European in origin kind of like stollen. Some say it’s Amish or Mennonite or originated from poor people pre-civil war America? They can be frozen.

    My diabetes allows me to eat 1 piece a year (it’s much worse than drinking wine or eating a grape).

  10. My mom made something similar but just called it peanut butter roll (and some refer to it as Divinity maybe?). She never used a potato though. I remember Caro syrup, tons of confectioners sugar and a candy thermometer. Maybe she thought adding the potato was too fattening 😂
    Mom was an excellent baker, and I’m sure we kept the sugar industry in business around Christmas. Amazingly she never wore larger than size 8.
    But it’s no wonder my dad had diabetes.

  11. Engelburka Engelburka, i was all hot to try this but if it tastes like divinity count me out.

    that crap rings my sugar bell overload panic button and i about pass out.

  12. MJA – I thought it was flour at first, but it must all be powdered sugar. Because I don’t think you can eat raw flour. It’s just that they look so pale. I guess I was waiting for it to be flaky and browned.

    Signed, Tuesday

  13. up to 2 lbs *or enough to make a sticky/stiff dough* confectioners sugar
    1 small potato boiled soft (the bigger the potato, the more sugar you’ll have to add
    2 tbsp milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    peanut butter to spread

    Beat potato, vanilla, and milk then add confectioners sugar until it’s just stiff enough to roll out on confectioner-sugar-dusted waxed paper to 1/4 inch. Spread with as much peanut butter as you want. Then roll into one big roll. Roll the roll in wax paper and refrigerate until firm enough to slice into 1/2 in. to 1 inch circles. Keep in air-tight container in refrigerator.

    Christmas is the only time I make homemade candy for my kids and they are disappointed if I don’t make these too. It’s like the filling of caramel creams, if you’ve ever eaten those.

    One time a year is enough for these.

  14. @charlie. I think some refer to it as Divinity, mom just called it peanut butter roll. Either way, it’ll definitely spike your insulin. As a kid we don’t worry about health/weight. Then we become adults and understand mortality.

  15. They sell it at Weigels gas stations around Knoxville. Very much a southern thang. Whenever I’m training a new hire that’s a local, they’ll grab this as a snack.

    With a Dr Pepper for good measure.


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