President Elect Holds Press Conference – Mentions Buzzfeed’s Unsubstantiated “Russian Ties” Hack Piece

This seems to be the left-wing media’s strategy:

“We have no dignity, honor or trust left, so why not throw everything we can at the president-elect in order to tie up his time responding to our garbage?”

At some point Trump has to stop responding to these pissants. He has the power and the mandate to crash their world. That’s where the focus should be.

As he continues to improve the American landscape, negative press is going to be viewed for what it is – cynical, bitter partisan lies.


“There is a great spirit going on right now.” – Donald J. Trump


14 Comments on President Elect Holds Press Conference – Mentions Buzzfeed’s Unsubstantiated “Russian Ties” Hack Piece

  1. For now I’m glad to see Trump fighting back and giving them both barrels! There will come a time soon that he will rise above it, but he has an opportunity to kick their ass and humiliate the LSM, and now is the time to bury them. Right now he has them digging their own graves.

  2. Trump refused to take a question from a CNN mutt, telling him he’s “fake news”! Touch Down, Home Run, Goooooooaaaaallllll!

  3. The Fake News mainstream media had no problem running with an unsubstantiated story whose source turned out to be from an internet troll. Among other things, they were happy to print/ broadcast the unbelievable story that Trump paid for Russian hookers to piss on the same bed that the Obamas slept in during a previous visit to Moscow.

    Well turn about is fair play – I plan to piss on the graves of all the media assholes who pushed this lying propaganda.

  4. I think it’s pretty funny that the LSM tried to tar conservative blogs with the “fake news” brush, but it got turned back on them and now they are proving that conservatives are right about the LSM being the fake news.

  5. The media’s job now is to throw as much shit at the fan whether what they are reporting is true or not ….it doesn’t matter to them…their agenda and ideology is the only things that matter. These people aren’t even good enough to be considered sub-slime

  6. I hope he NEVER stops giving fake news reporters, journo-lists and cable stations the business. NEVER. As long as they try to lie to the American public (whose tax dollars own the airwaves, btw) about politics or anything else, they should be strongly called out and publicly shamed. If enough of us boycott, call them liars and cowards and Trump continues to call them out, they’ll have to stop. Now is not the time to go all old-school Republican and assume the fetal position — “Please, don’t hurt us.”

  7. Remember the first Obama press conference? A liberal “reporter” with hearts in his eyes asked Obama what he found most “enchanting”. ENCHANTING! As if the reporter hoped Obama would scoop him up in his fairy godmother pumpkin coach and they’d both live happily ever after in the magic pony castle. Sickening.

  8. I’ve been out all day. Can someone give me a good run down on this hoax scandal? I was listening to Savage and he’s saying that the CIA took a 4chan post seriously — not that it was a fake cia report on 4chan. And what does McCain have to do with it?


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