President Retweets the Truth and Causes TDS

The president retweeted a tweet by Pastor Robert Jeffress

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump ….If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” -Pastor Robert Jeffress

An Illinois republican, Adam Kinzinger, tweeted this in response:

Adam Kinzinger@RepKinzinger
I have visited nations ravaged by civil war. @realDonaldTrump I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a President. This is beyond repugnant.

A couple of things:

-We are already in a Civil War like fracture.

-The responses on Twitter couldn’t have been more vitriolic, partisan and civil war like, sort of proving the point. But not one person on Twitter pointed this out. I would, but I have been BANNED for being on the wrong side of the CIVIL WAR LIKE FRACTURE on social media!!!

Idiots, ALL.

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20 Comments on President Retweets the Truth and Causes TDS

  1. I dunno… it’ll be the-people-with-all-the-guns VS. the-people-who-can’t-figure-out-which-bathroom-to-use. 🤔

    I figure, within 10 minutes of the first shot, the victors will be high-fiving one another over cold ones at the nearest Hooters. 😁

  2. After all these years of tweets/retweets by President Trump, they still don’t get it. Your President knows things that your little minds never imagined.

  3. Adam, you say you’ve been to nations ravaged by civil war. Have you ever been to any nation as it approaches civil war? No? Then you have no idea how a civil war looks at the beginning. I suggest that you study that phase before you open your pie-hole again.

  4. The fools like TDS infected KissZinger who are
    pushing to take down the Republic cannot admit
    to themselves the damage they have done and are
    continuing to do. They want to believe they can take
    out Trump with an illegal and seditious strike without
    reaping the whirlwind.

  5. Major Adam Kinzinger, a very junior minor dick in this furball.

    Cap’n Adam failed horribly when he ignored Blue Water Bingo Alerts in 2015 and 2016 and 2017. Repeatedly. Fucktart needs a reprimand and rank rip due to loss of confidence in his abilities.

  6. The nice thing is, after the shooting is over, after the celebrations are done, we will all go back to work and since we are the ones who actually work at real jobs, instead of jobs at Starbucks to prove their gender studies degree are worth something, we will be fine.

  7. Civil war happens when the people are armed, genocide happens when they’re not.
    You will always lose a talking contest when the other guy has a gun.
    That is why they put the 2 amendment in there.
    Just who wants to claim they are more brilliant than the ones that wrote it?

  8. Just slow down as you walk past the water cooler at work, or eavesdrop on cafeteria conversations at lunch… you’ll quickly realize that the civil war has already begun.

    Hurt the President and you’ll hear it in the streets.

  9. Leftists missed a packet of genes since evolution is regional at first…plus, there is a survival component to not caring about anyone but yourself…Civilization needs humans who can build for the future, who care about family, friends and community, who have empathy and who are each an individual …those without the genes do not build, cannot understand reality, destroy all civilized components (Law, Forefathers, Mythology , History, ethics, life etc) and ridicule those superior to them.

  10. may-jor disaster: what qualifies a d-sucker like you to judge anything? taking lessons from crime-esha foxx, crime-raoul, dick-turban, tom darter-farter?


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