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President Trump Takes The 5th in Letitia James Deposition

Fox News

Former President Donald Trump said he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, per the advice of his attorneys, during his deposition as part of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil investigation, calling it an “unfounded politically motivated Witch Hunt,” and adding that he had “no choice” due to the Biden administration and prosecutors across the nation having “lost all moral and ethical bounds of decency.” More

25 Comments on President Trump Takes The 5th in Letitia James Deposition

  1. Why didn’t he simply use the Clinton playbook?

    “I don’t recall” “I don’t recall” “I don’t recall”
    “At this point, what difference does it make?”
    “What? Like with a cloth?”
    “I was dodging sniper fire”
    “I aint no waze tirred…”
    “I did not have sex with that woman…”
    “Sandy Berger was just being sloppy”
    “I don’t know how those Rose Law billings got on that table?”
    “We didn’t know we couldn’t keep the White House silverware & china?”
    “We were flat broke when we left the White House”

  2. Guilty, his own words! Anyone who uses the 5th is guilty.

  3. After seeing what they did to Flynn, Stone and others along with their raid why in the world would you say a thing to these people.

  4. Only a fool would testify for a witch hunt.

  5. Only a fool would cheat on his taxes. 86,999 are now on his ass.

  6. Loco
    Just ignore the “Anonymouses” of the world, they don’t have a single thought outside what they have been told to think.

    Ignorance can be fixed, Stupid can’t.

  7. Says the black kettle to the pot, I’m as stupid as they come.

  8. Hopefully he will be found innocent (they did impeached him by party lines) but proving his innocence is going to cost him on multiple levels. This is obviously a tactic to hamstring and smear him for his presidential run. If the congress flips the balance of power will be tilted in our favor. The new MAGA in the House and Senate are not going to take this lying down.

  9. “but proving his innocence is going to cost him”

    That’s not how it works sport.

  10. Take it lying down? No, they can bend over & take it like a man. Like Ms Lindsey & Mitch.

  11. LocoBlancoSaltine August 10, 2022 at 5:01 pm
    Why didn’t he simply use the Clinton playbook?
    Because that would bring him down to Clinton’s level.

  12. “Only a fool would cheat on his taxes. 86,999 are now on his ass.”

    Libtards are so fucking stupid. If he were going to cheat on taxes, he’d do it on his Cooperate taxes, not his personal. And those returns are public.

  13. I was so happy to hear that he took the 5th. It makes lefty trolls drool. And it was a very smart move. F a bunch of idiots constantly trying to find a crime.

  14. Anonymous#1 forgets that while Trump once mocked those who plead the 5th, he has since seen the wisdom of this fundamental civil right. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is not a defendant’s duty to help them.

  15. So, uh, what are the charges? This whole investigation went nowhere.

  16. Letitia can suck it. Plead the 5th until Hunter’s house gets raided.

  17. Did Leticia James hurl her feces at him like she did in that Samsonite commercial

  18. Trump will be claiming bankruptcy a 7th time over this one. New York State won before on him & they will win on this one. This is gonna cost him a bundle.

  19. Lay-TITS-ya-james is not entitled
    to an answer of anything, primarily
    by law she’s not entitled to an
    answer of anything in as much this witch is
    trying to create a crime
    out of NOTHING.

    7 years have gone by
    Robert Mueller could find NOTHING
    and spent over 400 million dollars

    Other myriad investigations
    at enormous taxpayer expense
    once again, nothing

    After more than 7 years of investigations
    costing billions of taxpayer money
    the PIGS cannot find TRUMP culpable

    Now, this new BIDEN inspired SHIT
    is to accomplish WHAT!

    When the same FED PIGS
    WILL NOT investigate the

    BIDENS nor the CLINTONS !

  20. The FBI really screwed the pooch this time.

    First, Trump knew way ahead of time that this was going to take place and prepared for it.

    Second, the FBI has now set the precedent for future raids when someone else is in charge of the White House and Congress; think the Biden family and the Clinton cabal for starters.

    Third, the people who signed off on this are also going to be exposed and eventually dealt with.

    Most of America think Joe Biden is in charge, but I think Trump is, and HAS BEEN president since the 2020 election. The military and the NSA know everything that took place. I think Trump is in charge of the military, not Biden.

    I think this whole Biden mess was allowed to take place to wake people up to the evil in this country and the world. I also think Zelenski is the bad guy and Putin actually did a favor for the world by ridding Ukraine of secret biolabs and human trafficking.

    Taiwan will be next, then Israel, for the same things as Ukraine.

    Could I be wrong? Absolutely. I don’t think I am.

  21. If he can stay disciplined and say nothing, that will be a big monkey wrench. The best and easiest thing they could hope for is a process crime, like General Flynn.

  22. to be expected from cra (chimps-ruining-america)

  23. a dindu-twat-da will do anything…foxx, gardner, rollins, etc.

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