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Pride in Country Deteriorating Through the Generations

Daily Signal

Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States.

That finding comes from a recent Morning Consult poll, which assessed generational attitudes about the United States. The poll shows that there has been roughly a 20-percentage-point drop of pride in country every generation since the Baby Boomers, 73% of whom express pride in the country. More

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  1. Career politicians have worked long and hard to destroy pride in America and have been very successful at doing major damage by bad mouthing America 24/7.

  2. When, at an early age all you are taught about your country is that it was founded by white supremacists, wiped out all indigenous peoples, enslaved an entire race for profit and gain, a country whose very institutions are systematically racist, financed oppression worldwide, invaded nations to steal their resources, hoarding wealth, and destroying the planet with their carbon emissions, what is there to be proud of?

  3. The World You were Born In No Longer Exists

    Former police chief: “We no longer recognize the country we love and cherish”

    search article.. must read .. law enforcement today /former-police-chief-we-no-longer-recognize-the-country-we-love-and-cherish-so-what-exactly-happened/

  4. I’m a very proud American. these GenZers should be forced into the Peace Corp and see how the other half live. They wouldn’t last a week and they’d hit their knees in thanks when they came back home

  5. The shit was already underway in the schools in the 1960’s and picking up speed. That’s part of the reason my brother and I only showed up to take tests after about the sixth grade. Both of us made honor roll despite having been absent most of the year. My mother was pissed, but the school said so long as we were getting among the highest test scores on tests they didn’t know what they could do about it.

    My brother didn’t bother to go to High School Graduation and told them to do whatever they felt like with his diploma, that it wasn’t worth the price of the paper it was printed on. That went over about like a fart in church with my mother, who had relatives coming from Montana to attend. Neither of us learned a fucking thing in school, what we learned that was of value was to distrust anything and everything the rotten fuckers were trying to force feed us. That alone was worth the price of admission.

    My oldest daughter (14 years old) became interested in classical philosophers recently and mentioned that she wanted to go to Half Price Books to see if they had any books by Marcus Aurelius. My brother told her to ask me first, that he would be totally surprised if I didn’t have what she was looking for in my library.

    Of course I have it. Unfortunately my library is not organized in a fashion anyone except me can hope to locate anything in, but that worked to advantage because she noticed volume after volume of Chesterton and CS Lewis in one of the cases. She went back upstairs with Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World/Brave New World Revisited and George Orwell’s 1984 and asked if she could move the entire set of Harvard Classics into her room. She’s in the middle of Atlas Shrugged, which she picked up at Half Price Books a couple weeks ago.

    I told her a long time ago that if I want to know something I do the research and try to go straight to the source instead of taking my chances with someone’s interpretation on the subject.

  6. @JDHasty

    You should turn your daughter on to the Youtube channel “The Daily Stoic”;

    Created by Ryan Holiday, it focuses on the great stoics of history,Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Socrates, and applies their lessons to our lives today, really good stuff. I am a regular visitor.

  7. Three years in the Navy in the mid 70’s when I was 19 to 22 years old and two cruises halfway around the World to SE Asia and beyond to the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf etc. cured me of any dislike of America since I got to see firsthand how the majority of people live in 3rd world countries. I am very proud to be a 70-year-old American born baby boomer. There is no better place on Earth hands down. And JD Hasty, like you I hated HS and avoided it as much as I legally could because I already had a good solid background and could and still out read and out spell and outthink just about everybody else in my class which is probably one of the reasons that I am a conservative and not a brain-dead liberal moron.

  8. Love my country, not too proud of my government. I don’t know how many countries have an actual constitution. We have a good one but it isn’t worth a damn if we don’t the scum running our government adher to it.

  9. MM
    64 years ago 3 teachers sent me to Detention for saying Ike was not a white nationalist because of OPERATION WETBACK. Some of my friends said I was a jerk.
    But, had I not called the “Bushian” teachers out; all of the kids would have assumed America was a bad, racist country!

    Teachers’s unions have pushed the “Ugly America’ BS for over 70 years. And each decade fewer Americans believe we ARE GOOD PEOPLE!

    BT.W I still graduated in the TOP DECILE! Even with 3 “B”s that should have been “A”s!

  10. If you are born “here” (whatever “here” you name), you are born a slave. To the foreigners, that “own” the cotton you were born to pick.

    And it takes generations!? For you. To realize. That your cotton pickin’ granpappy. Is. Was. And will always be. A moron.

    But. You’re offended. If anybody. “Insults”. Your ancestors?

    Or is that just your ganpappy? Boomin’?

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