Primer: The Difference Between Your and You’re

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  1. What did the psychiatrist say when the patient came to his appointment wearing only saran wrap? “I can clearly see your nuts!” or “I can clearly see you’re nuts!”

  2. Clearer vs. more clear, for instance.

    I am hearing the ‘er’ added to words these days and that just is WRONG.

    “It is it clear that Joe is not The Donald. It is even more clear that the Donald is NOT Joe.”

  3. Claudia
    MAY 14, 2019 AT 11:03 PM
    “YEA, grammar! Now, I’m happy. 😊

    Edit: Sheesh, I got so excited, I forgot the period!”

    …you know who ELSE forgot the period?

    Trans women.

    You know what one of the BIGGEST assaults on the English language is?

    …logically impossible phrases LIKE “trans women”.

    …forget GRAMMAR, the Left wrecked the entire language by redefining the meaning of EVERYTHING!

    …it has to be stopped.


    This is YOUR fight, and YOU’RE welcome to it!

  4. @ghost of brig gen j glover – Heh! I’ll have you know that “clearer” is a perfectly good word and has been in accepted use for hundreds of years…as a noun. (-:

  5. Hey @ghost, etc. The “more clear” construction has multiple meanings depending on vocal inflection.

    “Your answer is more clear than mine” doesn’t convey the same meaning as “Your answer is clearer than mine.”

    Ain’t English grand?!

  6. hey @ uncle Al – How about fair?

    Is it Fairer or more fair?

    Even more worse?

    Is it worser or way more worse? More worse than?

    Yes you are correct English is grand…

  7. Oh I love English and I love grammar!

    I’m a total grammar and punctuation geek and I bet I’m not alone here!

    I feel like I’ve mentioned this recently here too, the story of the panda who eats, shoots and leaves. (Or is it that he eats shoots and leaves? 😀 )

  8. I like the meme…. but one of my biggest peeves is “there’s” in place of “there are”. It is spoken everywhere these days.
    As stated above, do not forget the importance of punctuation, i.e., I was helping Uncle Jack off the horse. No comma between Uncle and Jack….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. … it’s late in the thread, but I would be remiss if I did not bring up the story of a mental patient who got loose, raped a nurse, then ran away from the asylum. It only becomes pertinent to this thread when I mention that the headline it was given was “NUT SCREWS AND BOLTS”.


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