The plotters and their media hacks are getting nervous

Patriot Retort: From the huffy, well-I-nevering reactions from the Democrat media handmaids over AG Barr appointing US Attorney John Durham to investigate the genesis of the Russia hoax, I think there are a lot of folks in DC who are getting a wee bit nervous.

Of course, in their nervous, panicked reactions, these morons have been stripped of all self-awareness.


The Justice Department is being turned into a political weapon for the President before our eyes, day by day..

Apparently Rachel Maddow’s nervous twin was completely asleep when Barack Obama weaponized not only the DOJ but the IRS.

Who am I kidding?  Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and the rest of those kooks had zero problem with Obama and Eric Holder weaponizing the Federal Government to target their political enemies.  In fact, I’m sure they were simply deeeee-lighted with it.

Just as they were delighted that the Obama Administration tried to take down Donald Trump.

But now it serves their purposes to feign outrage while claiming that investigating the possible unlawful abuses and political weaponization of the DOJ and FBI is somehow turning the DOJ into a political weapon.  Not especially logical, but there you go.

Trust me, these hacks are getting nervous.  more

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  1. Madcow is scared of losing her pathetic audience.

    With the left, it’s ultimately about money and position. And selling out our country to get it.

  2. The Q team has been predicting these events since October 2017.

    I think we are going to see some of the treasonous bastards actually tried and hanged in the future. I really do.

    Pay close attention to those screaming the loudest. The biggest assertion stated that “Captain Destructo”, (Barack Obama) would claim “Kenyan citizenship” in order to evade what’s coming for him when the heat becomes too hot.

    Keep a close eye on the Musloid imposter because things are about to get real.

    This, in my opinion, will all be finished before the 2020 election.

    Trump, in one term, and with stiff opposition, has started a paradigm shift within the USA for the better, not only for its citizens, but for the entire planet.

    Talk about a monumental task.

  3. Dream on.

    Russia 1917.
    Italy 1922.
    Germany 1933.
    China 1949.
    America 2008.

    There’s (theirs’, their’s, they’re’s) a reason education’s in the toilet.
    The pattern is set; the execution only requires will.
    The Lerners, Comeys, and Clappers of the world show how easily they’ll commit Treason just for a few crumbs.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Throw the low-level mucks into prison for 50 years and they’ll rat-out their superiors who then can stretch ropes.

  5. @ Tsunami,
    As my brother pointed out two years ago, we (citizens) started the “paradigm shift” by electing President Donald Trump. With luck, more citizens will awaken and help carry DJT into another four years.
    Whether or not anyone hangs, is yet to be seen. I am not a gambling man but I would bet, NOT.
    The only hangings will take place when the disgusted electorate starts dragging these unaccountable, money-grubbing thieves out and performing the work that government simply will not.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. And none of them knew about Durham’s investigation until yesterday. Then, they learned that it had been going on since last year. Then again, maybe they knew and just didn’t want to discuss it during the midterm election. Well they sure want to talk about it now, don’t they?

    The smarter ones, like Tapper, are at least trying to give the appearance of running to the middle, but they’re all stuck hard in the Deep State Tarbaby, and it’s fun watching them squirm.

  7. I want to see Mueller held accountable too. He spent two years doing something, and it wasn’t investigating Trump/Russia collusion, which was debunked by Peter Smirk within two days. It also wasn’t writing that dumb “report”, the second part of which had nothing to do with any prosecutorial function. My guess is he spent the time 1) maintaining the fiction through the 2018 elections, and 2) destroying evidence of Democrat malfeasance. Change my mind.


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