Prison riot in South Carolina prison leaves 7 dead

Daily Caller: Violent Past At A South Carolina Prison Leads To Another Uproar.

After hours-long rioting at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina, infighting between inmates left seven dead and 17 injured.

What started as a chaotic brawl led to a full-fledged riot spreading to three housing units, USA Today reported. The riot, which began at 7:15 p.m. Sunday, lasted for approximately seven and a half hours breaking into early Monday morning.

Many of the injured and killed inmates were slashed, stabbed or beaten to death, according to the Lee County Coroner Larry Logan, who also mentioned the use of shanks in the riot. Lee County Fire and Rescue are calling this riot a “mass casualty.”  MORE HERE

20 Comments on Prison riot in South Carolina prison leaves 7 dead

  1. This happened in a gun-free zone where all human activity is closely monitored and controlled. Were any “unarmed black men” injured or killed by the prison guards, or just by each other?

  2. Someone should have unloaded a couple of hundred bats into the mele for good measure.

    Let THEM do what the justice system SHOULD have done.

  3. Just think…liberals would rather set them free so they can do that to innocent people. That, and vote for Dems.

  4. Meanwhile in California, Jerry Brown released 45,000 felons. So if you are going to commit a crime, do it in California,

  5. Just exactly what were they thinking not making that entire prison a knife free zone?

  6. A seven hour riot? Solve the problem in 30 seconds. Yell “everyone down with your hands behind your head” and then shoot anyone who doesn’t comply, immediately with no hesitation. This will serve the dual purpose of scaring the prisoners so bad they won’t riot again.

  7. Just make it known that in the event of future riots, the rioters will be subject to being fired upon without warning by belt-fed automatic weapons. You know, like at Mandalay Bay. Then do it, and prosecute any survivors to the full extent of the law.

    After that, riots will only be instigated by prisoners who prefer suicide to incarceration.

  8. Smart move by Corrections. Lock them in, let them kick the shit out of each other, kill each other, and when they are exhausted or get hungry and tired, go in an clean up the mess. No good guys hurt. BTW, that’s the way to handle a Bar fight too. Just sayin’.


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