Pro-Vax Pathologist Says Antibodies Leave the Jabbed Within Months – Vax Cards Are USELESS!

A pathologist and his wife got the jab. He had means to test his antibodies, and they were there. He tested again in a couple of months and they were gone. He was no different than an unvaxxed person, yet, he could obtain a vaccination card.

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  1. I test for antibodies when I give blood, they want me to be a COVID plasma donor. Have had both jabs, no antibodies.

  2. No, it’s the jabs that are useless. The jab cards are very useful.

    If they haven’t already, they’re going to start jabbing everyone with salt water to avoid the adverse reactions and to reap even more obscene profits. Remember this?

    Sounds to me like a Big Pharma pilot program which accidentally got exposed.

    It’s not about cure, prevention or health. It’s about money and control.

  3. Well then you see the need for the boosters.
    Makes perfect sense to me./s

    Actually that doesn’t jib with what I’m reading about this “vaccine” As I understand it, it supercharges your immune system such that your next encounter with a SARS virus puts you into overdrive which results in you getting very ill or dying.

    That’s happening right now as it appears as most hospitalizations are of vaxxed people. And that’s just the REPORTED cases.

    I had an extended contact with my mechanic going over what I needed done on my truck a few days ago. He was coughing and hacking, telling me he had been feeling progressively worse the last 3 days. Anyway, shook his hand on the way out(told him he should be taking ivermectin).

    The next day I call him to inquire about my vehicle and he’s in the hospital! Tells me he’s got it and feels like he’s go to die. Asked him what the protocol is and he’s so fucking loopy, I’m not getting through.

    My point is since there is no such thing as asymptomatic transmission, here was a classic case of an infected person with plenty of virus in close proximity to me, even touching me and my immune system regimen of supplements, vitamins and exercise worked just fine.

    There’s no doubt that the Chinese flu(like all flu) affects some far worse than most but is it a reason to live in fear?

  4. @Thirdtwin – “…It’s not about cure, prevention or health. It’s about money and control…”


  5. So now that everybody is wondering why they’re fervently pushing the vaccine onto 100% of the population? Besides the fact that their goal of 100% can never be achieved and the variants are never-ending (thus turning it into an endless agenda) look at this way –
    The Pandemic was released to create a Big Boogie Man that had to be feared.
    The Pandemic is to force you to get a vaccine.
    The vaccine is to force you to get the vaccine passport.
    The passport is to force you to get a Social Credit Score.
    The Social Credit Score is to force you to obey the government.
    The Government can now deny you food, medicine, Social Security, housing, travel, etc.
    Uncle Xi sez: “Just like China you Yankee pig dogs!”
    Uncle Xi also sez: Buying up the democRATs, their Knee-Pad Media and controlling Big Tech, then installing a lame-brained Jackass in the White House (like a toilet) was just a Hostile Take-over that was a Hellava lot cheaper than any military action!
    Uncle Xi sez: “See how it works?”

  6. Not useless to the powers that be. Very useful to them as evidenced by the religious fervor they are displaying in forcing compliance. This is a social experiment and a sick as sick and twisted as any the Nazis foisted on their victims.

  7. @TRF I’ve preaching that sermon for months. The “CCP Model” is a totalitarian’s wet dream. Make no mistake about it. They MUST be stopped somehow.

  8. The jab is that line in the sand. People are waking up that we have been lied to.
    When healthy people, not necessarily old people die of heart attacks soon after getting the jab, it’s in your face. They Are losing the believers.

  9. Still unjabbbed in Pa but deathly afraid of my wife who is.

    Am I in danger? can we still cuddle or even huddle?

    What’s up?

  10. I’ve wondered, from the start- what is the effect of the vaxxine on natural antibodies, in those who were confirmed via anti-body testing, to have previously had the virus? Are the natural anti-bodies still present? This is a study that should be performed, for the sake of epidemiology. The first half of the study, the pre-vax part, is already done, participants would just need to be identified. I even went so far as to inquire about applying for a grant for it. I was told ‘don’t even bother.’

    So, the antibodies appear to have gone.
    How about the spike proteins that the vax hijacks the immune system to produce?
    Betcha they’re still there. Are they still being produced?
    I don’t know if they are distinguishable from the ‘natural,’ or virus spikes, but they will never test for that, or the presence of either.
    Every spike protein will be declared new products of viral infection, and not the product of the vaxxine.

  11. Here’s a statement about the vaxxines from a credible source, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory:
    “A drug candidate for treating adverse reactions caused by pathogenic antibodies inducible by COVID-19 virus and vaccines”

    “…Therefore, the formulation has the potential to prevent and treat the serious conditions caused by pathogenic antibodies during a COVID-19 infection. In addition, the formulation has potential to prevent and treat the adverse reactions of COVID-19 vaccines because the vaccines can induce similar antibodies, including pathogenic antibodies. The formulation will be helpful in increasing the safety of the vaccines without reducing the vaccine’s efficacy.”

    “…treat the adverse reactions of COVID-19 vaccines because the vaccines can induce similar antibodies, including pathogenic antibodies….”
    there it is, if ever it was
    I bet the pathogenic antibodies from the GMO vax are worse than the ones the chainese hacked from mommy nature.

  12. The Obsolete Man August 22, 2021 at 11:56 am

    Still unjabbbed in Pa but deathly afraid of my wife who is.

    Am I in danger? can we still cuddle or even huddle?

    What’s up?

    What’s up? Well your wife got the jab, she is shedding that jab onto you and has been. Too late to ask what’s up. Not sure if you’ve been following Dr Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Bret Weinstein, Dr. Merrit and others have exposed the jab, and the disaster that has already begun. Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA, (which was used in the Moderna and Pfizer jabs), is warning people not to take the vaccine. Those who have, as we are seeing are getting covid after being fully jabbed – some jabbed twice. Do your research, plenty out there to read and listen to.

  13. The fact that they’re twisting everybody’s arm to get the jab when the vaccine doesn’t even work to prevent you from getting it.
    It’s all you need to know.
    Yeah, getting the jab to lessen the symptoms doesn’t make sense, especially when those symptoms include dying.
    Oh, don’t forget to sign that liability waiver, there’s no warranty with this sucker.

  14. The covid (virus) doesn’t like heat or the sun, a fact determined by CREDIBLE non-junk bill nye-type science long ago and which was brought up last year then censored/banned by globalist conspirators. That populations were forced inside for over a year and many still are is a testament to the fact that direct sunlight kills the virus including that the God-given sun is proven to be an effective disinfectant and natural sanitizer. However, the ‘sun’ can’t be bottled and manipulated, therefore is not profitable for scheming big pharma, dark-money globalists, and collaborators in the massive sham.

  15. A doctor-neighbor said the same thing. His secretary submitted to the vaxx and when the doc tested her later he found the antibodies disappeared, as though she was never vaxxed. The sec’s lack of antibodies result was found after a few short weeks and not months.

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