Victorian Premier Doesn’t Want People Watching Sunsets – IOTW Report

Victorian Premier Doesn’t Want People Watching Sunsets

They are power mad. These people get off commanding the masses. It’s what they dreamed of.

15 Comments on Victorian Premier Doesn’t Want People Watching Sunsets

  1. I bet this f—ker will be caught out watching the sunset within a week.

    When are these petty tyrants going to go the way of Mussolini and Ceaucescu?

  2. …I bet HE watches sunsets.

    Just him, his autographed picture of Trudeau in soiled underwear, a glass of Chardonnay, and his slowly lowering right hand that he usually uses to illegally grasp power about to be used to grasp something much smaller…

  3. This isn’t about a pandemic. It’s about turning the little people into thoroughly demoralized serfs. I’m not a religious person, but that piece of shit Victorian premier is a servant of Satan, period.

  4. Can’t watch the sunsets around here anymore anyway; too much damned smoke! Oh, yeah, breathing smoke also makes you more susceptible to the ‘rona, according to the “experts”. I give up.

  5. Remember, Obama closed the gov’t once and put up tarps to prevent people from viewing Mt Rushmore. He would not allow a busload of Japanese tourists to get off their bus in a Natl Park or even look out the windows. They even barricaded private land adjacent to My Vernon.

    That was Obama’s view of how far government power extended.

  6. This is what happens when you feel bad for the inmates at an insane asylum: let them out and give them a reward.


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