Probably had something to do with the Clintons

Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Press Release: On August 16, 2019, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a deceased male in the bed of a pickup truck at Tops, 3949 Lockport-Olcott Road, in the Town of Newfane.

Initial investigation revealed that a female operator left Wayne County this morning enroute to Niagara County. The female reported that she traveled through Wayne County, Monroe County, and Orleans County before stopping at Tops in Wrights Corners. The female reported that upon finishing her shopping, she opened the tailgate of her truck to place groceries and noticed the deceased male inside the bed.

The female was not able to identify the male, nor has the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office been able to positively identify him. The Criminal Investigation Bureau and Crime Scene Identification Unit responded and are investigating with the assistance of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.The deceased male was taken to Erie County Medical Center for an autopsy by a county coroner. The investigation is continuing and no further details are being released at this time.


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  1. Modern positive ID techniques

    “nor. . .positively identify him”

    It isn’t clear on why they are 100% positive it is a him.

  2. Where’s Burr!
    I have captured the port town of Narsaq.
    I am currently accepting volunteers in the from the local populous.
    I got two bears and five dogs and two dudes in colorful local attire, both drunk.
    Moving north

  3. As a pickup owner, who does this shit? Throw your shit in the back of someone’s pickup!

    This is A#1 reason why I park where the fat fucks die trying to get to their cars.

  4. I left a Tacoma Rockets hockey game in a driving rainstorm and looked at my rear view mirror and saw a face looking back at me from under the canopy. Drove like a madman to the PD and when I slid to a stop two cops were standing there who ran the idiot down and cuffed him. Then came back and got the rest of the story from me.

  5. JDHasty – I had a similar experience with the Dodge Dakota years ago – Stopped to make a left turn and a guy on a bike rear-ends me. I looked back to see whut the Hell happened and there’s a face up against the rear window looking back at me! Not something you normally see in the bed of yer truck!
    He was bruised up a bit but basically OK.


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