Progressives Complain Trump Not Projecting American Strength

During President Trump’s visit to the DMZ, CNN called him “the agent of unpredictability” as if his handling of Kim Jong Un has created a massive problem for the world because the President is unpredictable. They think that President Trump will cause North Korea to become more unstable and will result in global nuclear war.

Listen to Bill Whittle’s response: “Donald Trump’s unpredictability is only inconceivable to minds like progressive minds because progressive minds are so unbelievable deep and complex that they are unable to understand that other people don’t think the way they do. They have been trying this for as long as I have been aware of the progressive movement in history. [snip] The people who have been responsible for primarily left-wing commentary [snip] do not understand the fundamental dynamics of how people work when you are dealing with people who are not like us – when you are dealing with bullies, when you are dealing with aggressors, when you are dealing with tyrants, when you are dealing with dictators. They don’t play by the same rules and for us to continue to play by the same rules with North Korea or Nazi Germany as we do with Canada is insanity. That’s the kind of insanity the National Public Radio sees as stability. Donald Trump, when they say that he is an agent of instability, what they really mean to say is that he is an agent of sanity coming into an insane, decades long era of pretending like this guy [Kim Jong Un] is a rational actor the same way that Canada or Great Britain would be. No, Donald Trump understands these people.”

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  1. Translation:

    “Dammit, do something recklessly Bushian so we can break out the old warmonger posters and dig up Cindy Sheehan!”

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  3. Had it been Obama in NK instead of Trump, he would have been bowing down to Kim instead of shaking his hand.

    The Democrats would have loved to see that.

  4. If he’s not projecting American strength, then why are despots such as Xi and the ayatollahs looking so nervous and serious and pissed off?

  5. A democrat leader would promise Kim one of the Aleutian Islands if they’d just recognize homosexual rights.

  6. Anonymous, don’t forget that Obama would have sent them fuel for the nuclear weapons and millions of dollars to help pay for the research.

  7. No, no, no. The President is only supposed to bow at the waist to Saudi Arabia. That bastion of human rights who Congress just voted to NOT sell weapons to because they gruesomely killed a Turkish agent posing as a reporter.

  8. This is from an email from LTC Ken Werho (Ret.) today who is still in Seoul and now a professor at Torch Trinity Graduate University:


    Kay and I were watching the news tonight about the ever-changing nK commemorative coins that have been minted over the years, months, and this past week, in particular. For those who’ve lived, or been stationed here, you’re familiar with the grotesque comic propaganda art that flows out of the north, depicting hideous, bloodthirsty, animal-looking Americans being squashed by either a massively huge fist from the sky, or a giant hammer representing the nK regime.

    There’s a long line of coins that were displayed on TV news — all pretty much the same over the years — designed to communicate that nK would “destroy” (and a half-dozen other bellicose words) the puppets in the south, along with their imperialist puppet masters — the US.

    But the latest coin to come out of nK actually depicts the iron fist of nK “SMASHING NUCLEAR BOMBS” for the sake of “world peace!” No mention or depiction of Americans appeared on the coin at all. Just a huge fist smashing a bunch of missiles with the big “N” on them.

    Now I can’t pull up any of this on Google, which at first surprised me, and after a moment of reflection, I get it. Perhaps another Google algorithm.

    But likewise on other media, I certainly hear lots of people slamming the President for this latest interaction, and complaining that “we haven’t gotten ANYTHING for his efforts thus far.” But of course, those journalists and politicians don’t live in Korea.

    I’m not trying to make a political statement here, but since the lion’s share of the news is slanted so radically against this guy, I’m just here to make an observation that you probably won’t hear on the main stream media.

    WE who live in Korea — having lived through many years of the bellicose posturing of the north, along with the very real threat of nuclear war — we are experiencing something that we haven’t experienced any time since the armistice, and certainly not since I first came here over 43 years ago.

    We’ve always known that it takes mere seconds for a nK jet crossing the border to be above our homes here in Seoul.

    I know you folks on the west coast had a short nK related scare a while back, and the Hawaiians even more so. But we live just a little closer to those nukes than you do. So
    when anybody, of any persuasion or political party, does something to relieve that threat to the degree it has been relieved today, I both appreciate the gesture, and would certainly never characterized what he’s done by saying that he’s accomplished nothing. Who knows if it will last? Who knows if it’ll ultimately bring a lasting peace on the peninsula? I certainly don’t know.

    But the coins are a hopeful change, and we continue to pray that whether it’s this president, or the next, or the next, that somewhere along the line, there will be a PEACEFUL unification of this peninsula so that these Korean families can be reunited, and that the Korean people will again be one nation, and together become a benevolent, prosperous force for good in the world.

    So the bottom line is, even if the President is not ultimately successful in reaching his goal, at least don’t believe those who would lament that he hasn’t done anything, or we haven’t received anything.

    For those who live in the south, we’ve gotten a lot more than we ever thought possible just a few years ago. We sleep better at night, and our hope-meter is climbing. And even that can radically improve one’s quality of life. For how long? I don’t know. But for now…


    Dr. Ken Werho
    Department of Practical Theology
    Torch Trinity Graduate University, Seoul, Korea
    70 Baumero 31-gil, Seocho-gu
    Seoul, Korea 06752


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