PSA For Mothers Seeking Help With the Kids

Moms, when you’re interviewing nannies, anything resembling this should be an instant disqualification.nanny

^ This is the nanny that Jennifer Garner hired to help her and Ben Affleck with the kids. Huge error.

Now they are getting divorced.

Let me show you women something.

EXCLUSIVE TO INF. PLEASE CALL BEFORE USAGE. NO NY DAILY NEWS. September 27, 2012: Joseph Baena and his mother, Mildred, drop off their dog at the groomers inside Pet Smart in Los Angeles, California today. Joseph, Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child with Mildred, turns 15 years old on Tuesday, October 2. Joseph, who bears a striking resemblance to his father, is 5ft 11 and weighs 175. He has been working out at his local gym. Arnold Schwarzenegger's tell-all book 'Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story' hits bookstores, October 1, a day before Joseph's birthday. In it, Arnold writes about the day his then-wife Maria Shriver discovered the scandalous extramarital affair with the famil'y housekeeper, Joseph's mother, Mildred. Pictured here: Joseph Baena, Mildred Baena Mandatory Credit: Karl Larsen/ Ref: infusla-52|sp|EXCLUSIVE TO INF. PLEASE CALL BEFORE USAGE. NO NY DAILY NEWS.

See this woman? That’s the woman that Ahnold started banging. Why? Because it’s a woman in the house when you’re not around.

What’s a man’s threshold? How low will he go? Ya can’t never tell.

there-are-no-ugly-women-just-poor-ones01On any given Sunday, this might be in the danger zone.

My advice, take care of your own kids.


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  1. That’s Hollywood! Not all marriages last like Bill and Camille Cosby…… Perhaps Ben needs to find out Bill’s secret…

  2. A Kennedy would fuck a snake if he could get someone else to hold it.

    So would Bill Clinton.

    Horn Dogs are gonna horn dog.

  3. My brother has a manny. A gay nanny. Yes he has several nanny cams. Some real. Some fake but obvious. He is really a great gay….oops….guy.
    My wife banned me from PTA meetings cause of all the hot moms.

  4. Smart move, now he has someone to watch the kids when it is his turn to have them and he can go out and F someone else.

  5. It’s a moral issue on the part of the cheater; not a ‘pretty woman of convenience’ issue.

    Just like the ‘guns are bad’ issue; the gun didn’t kill anyone – the person who pulled the trigger did.

    Ben Affleck is a douchnozzle because he cheated on his wife. It’s that simple.

  6. It seems to me that the Catholic Church is missing out on an income generating opportunity here. I’m sure some Sisterhoods could work some nanny-ing into their orders’ mission statements. This may not be 100% safe but I’d believe 99.9%.

  7. Ben Affleck was an enema nozzle LONG before he cheated on his wife. She must be pretty fucking simple, too.

  8. I heard they ran away with the ‘sitter to the Cayman Islands.
    Let me check my email account for one of their addresses.

  9. I showed this to my wife and she said the answer is a pretty simple one: “Nothing turns on a man more than a woman willing to take care of his children.” Truth!

  10. I work in a medical office. All of the employees, save two, are women. The manager is a woman. The last 11 people hired (some transfers) were all women. (As a side note, they all make more money than me. Should I complain about gender/pay inequity?) Eight of them are very good looking. Though I know nothing will happen because my looks could scare flies off shit.

    Though one is DAMN hot…

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