Queensland, Australia discovers 13-year gap in temperature data

WUWT: By David Mason-Jones

Upon finding a 13-year gap in its data for an important weather station in Queensland, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology homogenised data from 10 other locations to fill-in the missing years. One of these places was more than 400km away and another almost 2.5 degrees of latitude further South.

Is the resulting data credible? No, is the conclusion reached in a research Report by Australian scientist, Dr. Bill Johnston.      

When the US Army Air Force (USAAF) closed its heavy bomber transit base at Charleville at the end of the Second World War the aerodrome reverted to civilian status. The base had been a link in the ferry route delivering aircraft from factories in the US to the war zone.

The whereabouts of any weather observations taken by the Americans is unknown and history is somewhat vague about the dates and times but a 13-year slice of data for Charleville airport from 1943 to 1956 has apparently gone missing.    more here

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  1. Wouldn’t bet against you for the World.
    There’s a reason they didn’t just say that they didn’t have that data.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. This is absolutely insignificant (400 kilometers) in filling in location data for temperature.

    Show me the calibration records for the instruments. I’ve seen co-located federal installations at an airport that differed by two degrees. THAT is completely unacceptable. The two I’m speaking of are NOAA and FAA.

    I made inquires (instrumentation geek here, I got the chops) as to the discrepancy. About a month later, the discrepancy dropped to less than .1 degree. Somebody actually went out and did their job.

  3. Gotta keep an eye on these communist bastards now that the COVID scare is starting to run dry, they’re shifting back to the Climate Change scam.

  4. They have enough problems dealing with a population right now that is rising up against those Fascist Fucks.

    Never mind actual critters.

  5. I’m guessing many Australians believe they have a more pressing problem than a gap in temperature data.

  6. They have adjusted the Data for such a long period of time That using data from 400 Kilometers away is Nothing to see here move along.

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