Rolling Stones Won’t Be Playing “Brown Sugar” Anymore


Tough campaign for The Rolling Stones. Losing Charlie Watts and “Brown Sugar” during a single tour is hard. The death of the former is a tragedy. The exclusion of the latter is a shame.

It was only a matter of time before the Jacobin left got around to The Stones and “Brown Sugar” in particular. The song is too politically incorrect, too rude, too much of a kick-ass good time to be left alone. So the Stones quietly dropped the classic from the set list of their “No Filter” tour (how’s that for irony?) More

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  1. My God, if the Stones won’t stand up to the woketards and give them the big middle finger – EFF You! – who will (that can have a significant impact)?

  2. “too much of a kick-ass good time to be left alone”

    Which is exactly why you leave it in. Why bow down to these music fascists? The only power they have it what you cede to them, don’t do it.

    My favorite Stones song is “Can You Hear Me Knocking?”, that bluesy sax solo at the end is so satisfying.

  3. I guess they have sympathy for the devil.

    The Stones were always a second tier band that more accolades than they deserved.

    In my opinion.

    And when they denied Trump the use of ‘You can’t always get what you want’ they totally became irrelevant and persona non gratis for me.

    Fuck the Stones.

  4. Musicians are notorious for not retiring gracefully. Fleetwood Mack is still touring, hell, Genesis with an invalided Phil Collins is still touring. If people are still willing to pay good money to see you perform, why not?

    But no, The Stones are not anywhere in my top 50.

  5. God I hate totalitarians (disguised as progressive woketards). We need a Biblical event, similar to the Passover, to occur. There needs to be a night in which the Angel of Death passes through every neighborhood killing not just the first born, but EVERY progtard in the house. Conservatives will be saved by hanging a “Don’t Tread on Me” or “Trump Won” banner over their threshold.

  6. My wife makes great Baked Beans with brown sugar. The next time she make’s them I’ll be sure to save a good rear end salute (with no filter) to this bullshit!
    Last time I checked Brown Sugar wuz a tribute to Black girls… oh, iz that offensive too??

  7. PHenry – True Story. I graduated High School in 1975 from a school in St. Louis. On graduation night, after the ceremony, a bunch of my buddies and I drove to Kansas City to see the Stones in Arrowhead Stadium the next day.

    The opening acts were the Gap Band, Billy Preston and the Eagles. It was an awesome experience.

  8. @stirring.

    Sounds great. I haven’t seen Gap Band but I suspect they were great. I saw the Eagles as an opening act for Procol Harum “Conquistador” and Dave Mason.

    Good Lord. How did we get so old?

  9. I like the hell out of the Stones! There’s a lot of good music out there but the Stones have been kicking ass longer than anyone I can think of.

  10. @TRF – Sympathy For The Devil – video from 1990
    Who knew these guys were looking at 30 more years of performing!!

    My thoughts exactly.

  11. Oh, I forgot. I never cared much for Brown Sugar, but the Stones are weak to have pulled it from their play list on this tour.

  12. And now….the reason I saw The Rolling Stones for free.
    And J. Geils band ‘centerfold’.

    Stones wanted one concert in Italy. In Florence Italy.
    Italians didn’t want southern Italians to flood into Florence, as the northerners call the southern Italians as Africans.

    So a separate concert had to be held in Naples.

    But the Stones needed balloons for the Start Me Up tour. Big towers of helium filled balloons that were to be released into the sky at the opening.

    Problem was that in Florence balloons were either stolen or just not filled.

    So. When it was time for the Naples concert, the Stones begged the Americans to do the prep, as the Italians proved themselves unreliable.

    Americans did the balloon filling. I was one of them.

    Americans did the security. But we got a free concert. I remember during the show a strapping navy dude working stage security handed a Heineken bottle to Keith Richards during a riff and Richards sucked the whole bottle down in less than 10 seconds.

    I also remember seeing Italian junkies shooting up at the base of the stage.

    A very strange experience. Memorable though.

  13. Damn 99th, that is a very suggestive video!

    I remember when “Money For Nothing” got cancelled.
    Decades after it was the top video on MTV in the 80’s.

    “The little faggot with the earring and the make-up
    yeah buddy, that’s his own hair
    the little faggot got his own jet airplane
    the little faggot he’s a millionaire…”

  14. I saw J Geils, The Outlaws, and the headliner, Foghat. Strangest mix ever. The Outlaws were the opener and blew both of the other bands away. Cow Palace, mid 80’s.

  15. Da,da,da,da,da,da… Brown sugar!
    You make a protest good.
    Da,da,da,da,da,da… Brown sugar!
    Your life matters like I knew it would!

  16. Sometimes I wonder about how living my
    life found me in such peculiar situations. I don’t feel I sought them out. I was mostly an observer. Wrong place. Wrong time.

  17. Rumor has it the Stones, looking for something non-controversial with the woke crowd, will be covering “Into the Night” as a replacement song.

  18. Thirdtwin, I LOVE that song!

    “She’s just six years old, leave her alone, they say…”

    Man, that Benny Mardone…singin’ my life with his song. I should probably stop now, before I get in trouble.

  19. Well Loco, this is where we’ve landed in 2021. Anything goes as long as you’re not offending the left’s protected classes – LGBTQIA2+(current acronym for gender identity insanity), leftists, muslims, Demwits, black and latino plantation dwellers, illegals, etc.
    Obviously, freedom of speech is cancelled – according to the left.

  20. Loco

    I’ve seen them twice and they blow the roof off of the building. Second time I saw them was with Marshal Tucker. Probably my favorite band.

  21. Hey Brad. I haven’t seen the whole Chappelle Netflix show, just snippets on YouTube. What I have seen is hilarious.
    Chappelle is a leftist loon but a skilled, talented comedian. He can’t help actually being funny and sometimes truthful, unlike Jimmy Kimmel a tool. What do you think about “Closer”?

  22. Brad, Loco –

    First and foremost MTB is my number one favorite band – saw them three times in the 70’s – got Toy and Tommy Caldwell’s autographs after one of the concerts.

    Never saw The OutLaws, but here is their live version of Green Grass and High Tides Forever.

  23. 99th

    Highly recommend it. He tells a story of a Trani that was always front and center at his live shows in San Fransisco. An amazing story. With out giving to much away, she/he ended up killing herself. Driven to that point by the rest of the LGBXYZ community because she came to Chappelles defense on twitter. He paints them as they are. The guy had a daughter. At the end of the story Chappelle says when she a little older he wants to meet her. So he can tell her, I knew your father. Best woman I’ve ever known. The guys a genius. We’re watching Sticks and Stones tonight which was equally controversial when it came out.

  24. Thanks for the info, Brad. I did hear about Chappelle’s transgender friend commiting suicide and the so called “controversy”. Turns out his trans friend’s family and friends are not offended by his trans jokes. Glad he has a good relationship with them.
    Didn’t know Chappelle was Libertarian who supports Pres. Trump- that’s a major upgrade from leftist idiocracy.
    I heard the left want to cancel him. Good luck with that. He’s more likely to cancel himself again like he did after he ended his comedy series years ago.
    Hope you and the Mrs. enjoy “Sticks and Stones”. Haven’t seen it yet, but will look for it.

  25. Rappers will still continue to spew blather about murdering people and raping women for sport though. So, there’s that.

  26. Odd.

    Last week, after listening to Sticky Fingers for almost 50 years, I determined I had NO idea what the lyrics to “Brown Sugar” are.
    I made comment to such to leftie wife and the searched the lyrics.

    Upon finding them, I handed the lyrics to leftie wifie, stating “these lyrics are disturbing.”

    Leftie wife, instead of railing on about racism or about how wrong I am, agreed “uh, yeah, “.

    End of discussion.

  27. I remember a time when the Stones told Ed Sullivan to piss off with his lyric corrections.
    Now, when they don’t need to listen to shit from anyone, they cave.
    Fucking Brits.

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