Random Hands Restorations

I can achieve zen watching these types of videos. I just watched a guy restore an antique vise. Then I watched this one.


(This video was demonetized. We live in strange times.)

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  1. Seen many like this.I learn alot of tricks.
    I restore old vacuum tube radios and some old toys.
    Keep in mind bro some of the tools they use
    cost BIG$$$.I am in the process of restoring a
    1980’s big azz giagante boom box.

  2. That was amazing! Beautiful result from what looked to me like junk. See, us seniors have a lot of life in us, still! hehe

    I couldn’t believe that all the pieces involved in that ‘simple’ gun. I expected him to have a few left over after reassembling it.

  3. Wow! W. Guslerworks, that was fantastic. What a beautiful talent. I’m even more amazed with our Continental Army and what they accomplished. Thanks for the link!

  4. I’m sorry, but that was hard to watch. Watching and listening to him scrape the pistol on concrete was more than I could stand.

  5. Webly?

    I love this stuff.

    Lining the barrel would be no trick for him and he would have a shooter. Cases might be a bit sticky still though due to pitting in the chambers, but I think it would be fun to finish it out and shoot it. Keep the chambers well oiled and it would probably work like a champ.

    Never seen a Philips head screw in a gun before??? He could probably locate a fillister head screw at least for the rear of the TG and not have it tear up his finger if he shoots it.

  6. I believe it is a Harrington Richardson top-break in .32… But you cannot share videos like this since my Brother sent me a slide to refinish quite some time ago and I have been dragging my feets firing up the tanks…….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. @OTD – Yes, I’ve got “wrenches” size 5.56mm, 9mm, 12Ga., and .30-06. They’re definitely part of the took kit but there are some other key ones I haven’t identified just yet.


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