RATIONal discussion

Leftist staff writer at The Atlantic tries to educate her fellow Democrats on why Single Payer health care would be a huge mistake.

c. steven tucker

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  1. Implementing single payer would eliminate many deaths from bad treatment; since we’ll all be getting a lot less treatment for anything once single payer is implemented.

  2. I won’t give the Atlantic the benefit of my click.
    Let me summarize for everyone –
    Author: It won’t work.
    Audience: Duh
    Thought Leader: NAZI!
    Audience: uh…oh yeah…NAZI!

  3. This article is true and the out come is nasty, but I have one question for C. Steven……..why don’t the largest insurance carriers in the world want to get into the world’s largest health care industry?….you sell this package, education…. educate me….When is The Geeco and Flo gonna want to do anything for me other then watch my house burn and my car crash….Talk to me Steven

  4. There is this long pause of silence where somebody makes their wage on the Insurance industry and then tries to justify their wages….selling crap to people that can’t afford the crap that they sell and they can’t use because their crap is useless,,,,talk to me C. Steven….you sell crap………prediction….you’re gonna lay this out like I’m a bitter soul, but I’m gonna tell you that you are flawed and you need to find another industry that you can hork up a living….you’re a salesman….you can bullshit and your good at it to the congressional level….Me Personally?….my Mom died 35 years ago after a 5 week illness and I would never begrudge her memory by selling health care insurance…

  5. if you want to discuss this lets start with some truth.

    health insurance is not healthcare.

    government funding and lawyers are the biggest reason for increased medical care costs over the last 60-70 years.

    equal opportunity does not equate to equal outcome.

    now once we all agree on the truth, we can start discussions.

  6. I had a ruptured disc last year. I was doped up to the gills with serious painkillers that did almost nothing to reduce the pain. I was in so much pain that if I’d had to wait even one more WEEK for surgery I might have killed myself. I confess I considered it.

    Think about experiencing level 9 or 10 pain nonstop and not knowing whether you’ll get treatment in a few weeks, a few months, or ever. I feel for so many of the VA patients who go through the same thing.

    One more thing. Any time one of these socialist bastards pushes for single payer, have him/her explain away Charlie Gard and the push EU countries make for people to end their own lives – even children. “At some point maybe you should just take a painkiller,” to paraphrase Ozero.

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