Rebel Media reporter arrested — by order of CONSERVATIVE Party leader

It is wholly possible we could be following the Canadian path in our own country. We see the betrayals of the GOP against president Trump. Quislings abound.


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  1. Let’s rename and redefine the G.O.P.

    Old: “Grand Old Party” (could argue it’s the Grand Ogre Party)

    New: “Great America Party” (G.A.P.)

    Notice I said “America” and not “American.” Big difference. It’s not about the party – it’s about our great COUNTRY.

    People are sick of political parties.

  2. This really disappointed me when I saw it last night.

    It probably just bled 5 to 7% of the vote from the conservatives to the more conservative party(Bernier). The problem is that in a 1st past the post system that will most likely be enough to give that percentage to Trudeau.

    UNFORTUNATELY, if you want to kick out Trudeau, you will have to hold your nose & give your vote to the Conservatives (Scheer) or its 4 more years of the worst Idiot we have ever had.

    I will personally vote conservative for this reason and when they call me for donations I will verbally “Blast the shit ” out of them for the way they treated Rebel & the Menzoid.

    I already blasted my local candidate!

  3. Cooper,you have no idea what you are talking about.
    What freedoms is Canada missing that the US have?
    Wait…. i know you will bring up guns.
    Not so fast, I have 3,If you play by the rules you can own guns.
    Albeit, there are restrictions on transport and storage some of the US does not have.
    If i am wrong on my assumption then please explain what freedoms Canada is missing out on.
    Full disclosure, my immediate family own two homes in Florida.
    So i am aware of some small “cultural” differences but nothing that would restrict any freedoms.
    Unless you are talking about price of goods, then yes you have it better.
    Not meaning to harp on you but i find both countries pretty much the same.


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