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Team Biden is spontaneously combusting

Patriot Retort:

Yesterday, Team Biden demanded that news outlets no longer bring Rudy Giuliani on their programs – claiming Giuliani is spreading “false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump.”

Because a sworn statement from the fired Ukrainian prosecutor saying Biden had him fired over his investigation into Burisma is “conspiracy theory.”

If only Team Biden had a billion dollars in aid to withhold from the media, this strong-arm tactic might have been a good idea.

Then again, it’s the American news media.  So the Biden campaign probably thinks it doesn’t need that kind of leverage over them.

On its face, this letter to the media tells me Team Biden is spontaneously combusting.

If you’re forced to demand the media not cover this scandal, then clearly you are not in control of the narrative.

This desperate attempt to bully the news media does not come from a position of strength. It stinks of panic and fear. read more

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  1. It would have been one thing if Biden had said “I am confident that I will be proven innocent once the facts come out.” It would have been BS, but it least it may have worked.

    However, for Biden to say that the charges have been debunked when I have heard no one else make such a suggestion seems like suicide.

  2. I see where the journos are reminiscing about Clinton’s unjust impeachment for a personal matter and Kerry getting “Swiftboated” by lying Vietnam vets. Now they’re trying to say Biden is getting “Ukrained” by Trump.

    Hey Journos. Biden is not getting “Ukrained”. He’s getting schlonged. Put that in your report.

  3. Even though the dems don’t want the old coot as their candidate, they will use him for their mad impeachment scheme. When that fades to nothing, Joe will be a smoking cinder, of no further use.

  4. RadioMattM

    The suggestion has actually been mad by every national TV: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSCNB, NBC. As has been the case for at least 70 years all America hater “news folk” said both Sunday and Monday “DEBUNKED”. They have for 70 years earned the title “FAKE NEWS”. None but CNN. spent more than seconds on it – BUT ALL SAID “TRUMP LIES “DEBUNKED” CHARGES`.


    But you may have missed it because only Cnn spent significant time on it. But they all said “debunked”! ALL!

    My gym has 14 TVs.

  5. Sorry – not enough.

    Corrupt-o-crats should be executed (regardless of their party affiliation – hear that Paul Ryan?). PERIOD. Along with anyone who lies to “We, The People of the United States.” Defrauding and deceiving one’s sovereign is TREASON – not some penny-ante crime – and will continue to debase our politics until it is no longer tolerated. Joey and Hunter didn’t take money from China and Ukraine – they sold out America to China and Ukraine AND TOOK A CUT! See how that works? They stole from US – not from foreigners – we, the taxpayers, are on the hook for every dime stolen and promised!

    Maybe we deserve it … some dead white dude once said that every people have the government they deserve. The number of clapping, barking seals who support the klept-o-crats now equals the number of Americans.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Joe and others have converted foreign policy to their personal ATM resources. During the Obama regime they didn’t even bother trying to hide it anymore.
    Sorry you rat bastards but there’s a new sheriff in town and your accounts are overdrawn.

  7. Joe would only spontaneously combust if a lighting bolt were to come down from the skies and turn him into ashes. Since barry and hellary didn’t get smacked by lightning (yet) little joey might just skate too. In his case it would better to be hit and run over by the short bus on way to his special ed classes.

  8. Gin is correct, this chicanery was rampant in the Magic Negros admin simply because they thought she would never lose. All the illegal actions and corruption is now slowly being exposed and they are panicking. Every desperate distraction has been tried and failed as will the current kubuki dance of impeachment.

    The hysteria is at max volume because the hammer is about to fall.


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