The President cares about us, the American people

A beautiful tribute to President @realdonaldtrump, As he continues working to make America Great Again despite anything standing in his way, Because he cares about us, the American people.

ht/ petrus

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  1. I just saw this on POTUS’ Twitter feed and I love him so much!
    God Bless President Trump and those loyal to him. I’ve been so happy since he was elected.

  2. This is so beautifully done. And when he hugs the flag, I tear up a little. *sigh* He gets us. He loves America!

  3. The last 30 years of New World Order Presidents has been terrible * if you are a working American! For the “Jet Setting Limousine Liberals” (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama) it has been terrific!

  4. And now Daily Mail has “Donald Trump tweets out bizarre A-Ha Style animated fan tribute video of his greatest hits in defiance of impeachment storm” What “storm” and how is goodness bizarre like it’s a copy of something else– AND the COMMENTS are overwhelmingly Loving POTUS! SEE COMMENTS
    one says Obama never had awesome videos like this cuz he sucked
    aint it the truth!


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