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Reddit Woman Demands To Know Why Men Beep Their Horns At Women

Why do men honk their horns at women?

Because they can’t drive.

What? That’s not what she means?


As any woman who has been catcalled in the street knows only too well, it can be irritating and sometimes intimidating.

And now, one Reddit user has decided to call out all men for the act of beeping their car horns at ladies for no apparent reason and demanded an explanation.

Asked to share ‘what they hoped to achieve’ with the irritating action, male users were only too happy to share their reasons for their behaviour.

during a boring shift at work.

Honking a car horn at an attractive woman appeared to be the best way embarrass the people in the car with them, but that wasn’t everyone’s answer.

Most men explained that they did it for ‘laughs’ and amusement – and plenty attributed the act to their fellow passengers.

‘It’s the mess with the people inside the car,’ said one, whilst another said they do it to get ‘a bunch of laughs from the guys they’re driving with.’

Another man said he did it to make a girl feel better about herself, and another admitted he honks to let a girl know that she is out of his league. One user revealed it’s a way for men to tell a woman she’s attractive, without having to be brave or smooth doing it in person.

One man explained that it’s his and his friends’ way of getting a rush of talking to a woman… without actually talking to a woman.

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For the record, I have never, ever, beeped at a girl as a way of catcalling.

I did, however, patent a move that I only did once, and I did it for comedic reasons.

Hippie was in the car with me.

A nice looking girl crossed in the crosswalk in front of my car and she sort of turned and looked while she was crossing.

Our eyes met, she kept looking as she crossed, and I reached up to the windshield wiper lever and without breaking my gaze I gave a few bursts of rhythmic fluid.

She was disgusted, and Hippie was cracking up. I achieved my goal… getting a laugh.

Sorry ladies. (I only did it once!)

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  1. I only honk at stupid people, and I seldom honk. But women receive most of my honks; women, the Hassidim, and New Jersey drivers.

  2. I have a standing thing going with a bunch of buddies here in Rockland. You show me an Hassid without a dent on his car. Lunch is on me. Never bought a lunch yet.

  3. I got an answer on this when I was putting gas in my car and a truckload of guys came up beside me. The leader started whistling and I yelled at him “Have you never seen a female before?!” After a second or two he had a weak comeback to the effect that he had, but that he acts kind of stupid around them. I said “yeah, you sure do,” and that shut them up.

  4. In my youth, I was never bothered by a wolf whistle or horn honk. Actually, I was flattered. Both were done in honest fun and were a boost to my self-confidence.

    What bothered me was when I got too old to received these compliments any more!

    Boy, I’m glad I was young before all this feminist/PC bull crap took hold. Life was so much more fun. 🙂

  5. One of the funnest things I loved to do when I was in my late teens and twenties, was walk past construction workers in Chicago, and give a little extra twist to the young hips – way, way back when, look sideways and smile at the catcallers, then pretend to be offended by lifting my head into the air. That usually brought on a roar of laughter along with more catcalls. Sorry, I’m honest. It was fun. 🙂

  6. One summer day I was about 16, driving w/my idiot 18 year old brother in the passenger seat (b/c he had a problem w/his license, or insurance, or Mom or…) when we passed a female teenage pedestrian and he felt the need to hollar at her. So, I felt the need to tell him we were gonna turn right round and apologize. Whoah… big bro turned pale, shrank in his seat, and acquiesced to listening to me explain how crappy he and his buddies could make a lone walk for a single lady. I don’t think he ever catcalled again. If I find out he did, I’m marching him back to apologize.

  7. Women who “complain,” about being cat-called or honked at, (leaving aside someone saying something super vulgar, super threatening sounding, continuously in a creepy manner or scaring a woman with a horn to the point she walks or drives into on-coming traffic), are doing so to signal to other women AND men that so many people think they’re soooo hot shit on a stick, that people can’t resist acting like cave beasts in their presence.

    Women who say they aren’t flattered are STONE COLD F’ING LIARS THAT LIE.

    I’m in my late 40s, and frankly, I miss all the attention I got used to for 3 decades,& thought it was pretty damn great.
    So, in summary, if you see an old gal like me, throw her a self esteem boosting bone, now and again. Can’t imagine there are many of us decrepit old bags that’d be too butthurt.

  8. A simple honk or whistle is OK, but some assholes take it too far and say rude and crude things. That can be intimidating or frightening.

  9. PS: once, there was a fella working on a roof who serenaded me for half a block with “Pretty Woman” from 3 stories up. So, carry a tune and keep your distance and we’re
    flattered, it’s fun, and no one is offended nor do we have to be offended in return. It’s called flirting and it’s fun and harmless.

  10. @Big Fur Hat, I just read your bit about the “patented move” to my husband. We laughed until we cried. LOL!

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