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Remember the Syrian Guy Edward Norton Raised Money For?


Norton raised money for this refugee to move to Michigan. We covered it HERE.

Now the guy is invited to sit in FLOTUS’s box during the SOTU.



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  1. Its wrong to wish for a fella to blow himself up while sitting next to the FLOTUS but one can dream- can’t they?

  2. Remember the Syrian Guy Edward Norton Raised Money For?

    To be honest, no, I don’t remember. Did I miss something important? If yes, please explain why I should be paying attention to Edward Norton outside of his cinema stuff?

  3. That ain’t no lady. There is considerable debate if “she* is a woman. Regardless, her behavior classifies her as whoa, man. As in whoa, man she is angry looking, or whoa, man her teeth look like she can bite the top off a soup can, or whoa, man I should sure hate to meet her in a darkened alley withiut a bazooka.

  4. Stewie Griffin – “Yeah, I go barefoot to professional shoots. Someone has to clean my toe-jam. Ain’t gonna be me mutha fukka.”

  5. I guess it’s not important.
    Edward Norton starts a GoFundMe page to help one guy, specifically, a Muslim scientist, and now the refugee ends up as a prop at the State of the Union Address sitting in prime real estate in prime time, the poster child for why we should allow 100s of thousands of Syrians into the country.

    I guess my nose for news is terrible.

    I won’t bother anyone with such vacuousness/meaningless fluff anymore.

  6. LMAO!!!
    The inventor says he has a plane that can fly without power (I do believe they call them “magic carpets”) and a machine that can predict earthquakes weeks in advance. (That’s called a “cat.”)


    But seriously. This guy comes over because he’s a theoretical scientist of magical things and stuff? Gimme a fuckin break. How many assholes in this country have stomach cancer? Not enough? Norton has to import them? Fuck you, Edwina.

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