Reminder – there are 60 days until Christmas— paintings make great gifts… just saying… – IOTW Report

Reminder – there are 60 days until Christmas— paintings make great gifts… just saying…

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  1. I’m waiting for Hunter to release a neked Painting of one of his young relatives cause you know he just has to paint what he feels.

    Its an artist thing, like Roman Polanski.

  2. How about a composite of all the bloggers? We could all chip in.


    $0 – no order (but have a Happy Halloween! 🎃)
    $10 – .jpg file only (photo of final painting, Merry Christmas! 🎄)
    $75 – framed 8×10 of color, photo printed .jpg (Happy New Year! 🎄🎉)
    $1,000 – framed original (All of the above + take a vacation! 🎄🎉🌴)

  3. That reminds me…I still need to frame mine so it’s ready for the wife on Christmas morning!
    Thanks again BFH!

  4. ^ All the bloggers send their photos to you and you use them to create one painting. Your choice of setting, background, theme, exaggerations (altered appearance so they’re not actually identifiable if they’re worried about it), etc. But not a cartoon, maybe, unless it’s really funny.

  5. @Jethro –
    I think the general meant a composite of the avatars at…”

    My first thought was he meant BFH, MJA, Claudia and DocTar, but that would only be a pixelated portrait. So maybe you are right. It would be a painting of the updated Ugly Mosaic.

  6. BFH has done two portraits for me so far and they are treasures. He captures their spirit in these portraits and one day those paintings will talk.

  7. I’d been focusing on gallows, death by a 1000 cuts and firing squads and you reminded me that instead of what I want from Santa Claus there are other people to consider also. Thanks.

  8. Fur, it’s about time to do another pet portrait for me. You did Kenner Bailey a few years back and now his brother, Scully Magoo Bug is 14 and almost ready to check out. He’s a very tired pup.

    Can I send you a photo & inquire on current pricing? No rush. Thanks!!

  9. And while you are at it, can you fix this hacked site so that the word So Shall List can be typed without it causing an entire post to disappear?

    Seriously, how is this happening? Has WordPress gone full Wokester and they think banning this word will somehow keep America dumbed down to the evil that the Left represents?

  10. This bullshit reminds me of censors gone amok at a fishing magazine. Florida Sportsman magazine had an online fishing forum. One of their Mods got the bright idea to auto-censor the word TWAT.

    So guess what happened every time someone tried to post the word SALTWATER? Yep, suddenly we were all SALER FISHERMEN!

    In a Fuck Joe Biden moment, word spread quickly among the regular forum members and we were all calling each other a bunch of SALERS.

    Thanks to asshole Mods the site shriveled like a raisin. An asshole publisher and shitty editors have ensured a once-great magazine has shrunk down to the thickness of a tourist trap brochure.


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