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Why Does The Media Ignore The Left-Wing Politics Of Traitorous Couples?

Project 21

The recent arrest of a Maryland couple for attempting to sell American nuclear secrets also adds to the trend of these destructive duos having clear left-wing political agendas. Not that this gets a lot – or any – press coverage.

“[S]trangely enough,” writes Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, “husband and wife traitor teams are often linked to left-wing politics. Why hasn’t the establishment media focused on this tie?”

As Horace explains in a commentary published by American Greatness, “very little media coverage has focused on their progressive political background – the most likely key to their misdeeds.” More

10 Comments on Why Does The Media Ignore The Left-Wing Politics Of Traitorous Couples?

  1. It’s because they are playing on the same team.

  2. On a similar note, how the hell can a local t.v. newscaster sit in front of a camera, i.e. thousands of people and report the bullshit from the lying leftists, day after day, month after month?

  3. They are Just encouraging a more open competition in the weapons race which Pecker-Mint Patty openly Welcomes.

  4. The left wing media still thinks that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were not guilty of providing our atomic secrets to the Russians back in the 50’s. So what else is new, there is nothing new under the sun in the left wing medias constant shilling for and aiding and abetting our enemies attempts to overthrow America as it was founded. I hate the left and all their constant bs about how bad America is.

  5. media & politics are a revolving door of siblings and spouses

    @jellybean because it’s easy
    they don’t have to do actual reporting, just read a teleprompter and smile pretty for big bucks

  6. Traitorous couples – you mean like Bill and Hillary?

  7. Alger Hiss would vouch for these two worthless traitors.

  8. The Press has approved of liberal traitors for 80 years. 1942 Hoover asked for $100,000 to hire 50 agents to run down and arrest KGB agents working on, among other things, the A Bomb. FDR said , this is international give the list to “Wild Bill”. Liberal Bill did not arrest any, nor Patton any. 2 of these liberals became celebrities when Hoover – 6 years after FDR’s death – arrested them and charged them with being KGB agents. If you have trouble understand the liberal hate for J. Edgar NOW YOU INOW! Rosenbergs.

    The press defended these liberals both before their conviction and execiution; and decades after.

    2 yers after Ronny left office(‘9-0) Miky with the birthmark gave him a list of 1,000 KGB agents working in America from ’40 to ’80. EVERY ONE OF HOOVER’S 50 WAS ON THE LIST; including the 2 he arrested after FDR died!

    The only thing that has change in 80 years is the name; MSM not The Press. Bigotry same now as it was in 1940.

    IMHO dHad FDR let J Edgar hire the 50 USSR would have been several years later both with the bomb and Sputnik.

    I have never been a spy so my opinion is that of a lay man.


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