Reports: Senators in “Agony” and “Bored Out of Their Minds” at Impeachment Trial

GWP:The Democrat House Managers for the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump have senators in “agony” and “bored out of their minds”, with many nodding off, walking around and even leaving the chamber for extended periods of time according to reports.

The boredom was exacerbated by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) forcing debates and votes on eleven doomed motions that dragged out Tuesday’s opening session until almost 2 a.m. EST. MORE

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  1. Someone at work layed out the Tampa morning paper near the timeclock. I’ve wiped with more truthful Charmin than that headline.

  2. Let’s liven up the proceedings to keep the Senator’s attention. Let’s call the various members of the Biden family to the stand for some examination into their corruption. Put Schiff and the whistleblower on the stand. For a change of pace, administer the oath to Hillary and show America what real corruption looks like. Then let’s end with AOC and Maxine Waters because, let’s face it, everyone needs comic relief and nothing provides comic relief like these empty-headed Congress critters.

    As an added bonus, we know the media won’t cover these particular events, and perhaps they can fabricate some other stories. Perhaps CNN will start searching for that missing Malaysian airliner again.

  3. On second thought, having all of the Senate and many members of Congress trapped in a room pretending to listen to Democrats who are lying anyway means that they aren’t otherwise doing damage to this nation. Maybe we should keep this proceeding going for the next 12 months.

  4. Adam Shitt, the greatest director of Christmas tree decorating in history.

    Trump and the impeachment are the Christmas tree.

    The damn light string won’t work so the demoncrats are piling on trinkets, twisted, broken, and transparent trinkets.

    Alas, they stood the tree upside down.

    Is anyone running a pool on which day the impeachment upside down Christmas tree will topple over, hopefully on Schift and Nadler.

  5. schiff is one of the rest of the senates and house’s contemporaries.

    if he is boring them think what he is doing to the rest of us.

  6. Bring in Bozo to perform. He’d be a damn side better than the DemocRAT Clown managers & the Senators could laugh out loud without being held in contempt.

  7. Agony – extreme physical or mental suffering. Yeah, sounds like the inevitable reaction to being in the same room, seeing and being forced to listen to Nadler, Schiff, Shumer and their fellow jackasses.

  8. Imagine how bored they’d be if Obama were part of the prosecution team. I mean, he’s a constitutional attorney, right? 😉
    “I- I- I- I’ve looked…

    …into this, uh, uh, uh, and, and, and, uh, uh, I, I, I, uh, I…”

    *cue teardrop*

    Two hours of that and senators would be jumping from Washington Monument.

  9. Imagine being trapped at a really, really bad opera
    that won’t end for days. Seeing Senators suffer is
    kinda fun though.

  10. Need one of those guys who used to go around church in the old days with a little pole and knock sleeping people on the noggin to keep them awake

  11. SCOTUS Roberts will do everything he can to try to throw this one to the Democrats. I can feel it.

    I’d love to know what Kompromat the Leftwingers have on Roberts. I heard the most likely is that he and his wife broke laws importing their adopted kid. I ‘m thinking it has to be worse than that.

  12. I wish I could find the video clip that showed the House Democrats’ and the president’s lawyers’ long tables. The impeachment managers’ table was completely covered in piles of paper, most of it in total disarray as though someone was looking for a particular piece and rifled through everything. The table top was completely obscured with unbound, disheveled paperwork. The tables of the president’s lawyers were neat and orderly. It was one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” moments.

  13. Well the do nothing A**hat political morons are now giving us the circuses but where is the bread to go along with it?

  14. Chuch Shoeslime says Rep Bug Eyes Schiff put on a “”Tour de Force”…
    People who were there that it was a sleep clinic,
    Or a Tour de Farce.

  15. The patently under-worked and grossly overpaid public servants finally got their comeuppance by ‘having’ to listen to the ‘Hate America’ Democrat weasels drone inane crap into the wee hours of the day!

  16. Empty car empty heads,
    President Trump provided the bread – the clowns are providing the circus.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Absolutely no “sympathy”. These folks are paid a fortune in salary and perks. They are in judgement of an exceedingly important matter. Far too many are lifetime pols. DO YOUR JOB!

  18. News Flash!!! Confirmed: The Senators have ‘minds’ (they just don’t know where they parked them)!


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