Seattle allows vote by smartphone

GWP: Washington – King County’s 1.2 million residents will be able to vote from their smartphones in the next board of supervisors election.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Verge reported:

King County’s 1.2 million residents can use their cellphones to vote in the election, which begins on January 22nd and continues until 8PM PT on February 11th.

The program is a collaboration between King County Elections; the county’s conservation district; mobile-voting nonprofit Tusk Philanthropies; the National Cybersecurity Center; and Democracy Live, a technology firm that develops electronic balloting. read more

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  1. That is end of free elections in seattle.

    Paper ballot stuffing is risky enough, but electronic voting is a bad joke.

  2. Thank God I don’t live in Seattle, this is totally fucked up and will do great harm to free elections in Wash. state. Keep your hands off of Eastern Wash. you dumbass bastards. And I didn’t think that they could more stupid over there, I guess I was wrong. And I’d be willing to bet that it’s also unconstitutional as hell.

  3. Watch it spread to other Liberal-held cities as the Ratz find an advantage of “accidental-on-purpose” cheating to hold onto power! A trunk-full of last-minute votes in an 85 Impala will be replaced with mysterious caches found on old Dell servers…

  4. and I bet those “electronic” bits & bytes votes
    floating in hyper space are all DEMO-RAT.
    What do wanna bet ???

  5. Without a paper audit trail, it’s inherently unreliable and wide open to fraud.

    I favor in-person voting over a two-day period¹, photo ID required, and absentee ballots allowed only by going through the same sort of process you need to get a handicapped parking tag.

    1. Those two days should be either Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday. That would take care any work or religious complications.

  6. Be interesting to see how many of these phones ring in the same location or go unanswered after the election…

    On the other hand they have the phone numbers of anyone that voted contrary to the ruling class

  7. Watch: now they’ll have to take taxpayer money to give phones to the “disenfranchised poor and homeless” so they have phones to vote with too.

  8. “if you are not paying taxes, why should you get to decide how the money is being spent?”

    Hey, leave our voters alone.

  9. From Uncle Al: “Without a paper audit trail, it’s inherently unreliable and wide open to fraud.”

    Uncle, here in Georgia we’re getting new machines this year. They generate a paper copy of your ballot selections that the voter reviews and then feeds into a scanner to tabulate the vote.

    Your ballot selections are printed in english. But the scanner tabulates from a Q Code also printed on the page that is not human readable.

    That seem strange to anyone else?

  10. The two people behind this are Bradley Tusk a so-called venture capitalist and a political left-wing supporter and Sheila Nix who worked for Jill Biden (yep, that Jill Biden) as well as Barack Obama. Safe to say she’s hard left as well.
    I wonder where Tusk’s money comes from although I suspect it’s mostly by investing in firms that suck at the government teat. Sounds like he’s another Steyer.

  11. These are the exact same progressive idiots who are convinced that the Russians “hacked” into the 2016 election. WTF is wrong with these people?

  12. Brought to you by the people who complain about Diebold machines being hacked while simultaneously saying that having to get a $16 driver’s license is an undo burden but a $300 to $1000 smartphone that costs $70 per month.

  13. No more of that driving around, lugging boxes to stuff ballots. The democrats just hire someone to press a button instead. This is a fascist dream come true. Don’t let it spread to your town.

  14. For about $150 I can buy the card for a tower PC or a server like the card the robo-callers use. It can present ANY identification and phone number you select when it places the call.

    A simple computer script to generate names and numbers from the area, and countless votes cast in seconds.

    This made me flash back to the song “Jenny, don’t change your number.


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