Return to the speaking circuit: Jeb signs with agency representing Carson, Fiorina

The bureau also represents Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal.

jeb bush

WT: The very high-profile Washington Speakers Bureau has announced a new addition to its roster: “We will again be exclusively representing Jeb Bush.” Indeed, the former presidential hopeful and ex-Florida governor is back on the public speaking circuit, and gets a glowing review from his agency: “A successful governor and business, economic, education and health care reformer, Jeb Bush elevates the conversation on how to address the key challenges facing America today.”

The podium is popular among Mr. Bush’s presidential peers. The bureau also represents other former hopefuls, including Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal. And there are familiar family members on board as well. more

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  1. But, of course, like HRC he won’t know how much he gets paid or what he says …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I can understand that Hillary’s “speaking” engagements are just legalized bribery. But why would anyone pay Bush to speak about anything?

  3. In another development they are partnering with Ambien and Sleep Clinics of America to help Americans get more sleep.
    “We know people are out there having trouble getting enough sleep what with the stresses of modern life. We’re convinced that the combination of Ambien, Sleep Therapy and a jeb bush speech will definitely do the trick”.

  4. what good ole boys club.

    run for president then get paid mucho bucks to tell everyone how great you are.

    bet joe the plumber couldn’t land such a cushy gig.

    ohh, that’s right, he had to pay his taxes or go to jail, not like some people we know.

    yep what a good ole boys club.

  5. Like Barky, Yeb roams the country looking for anyone who will like him enough to listen to his prattle….endless as it will always be…funny the Cubans and Castro said in their media how “that Negro from America stirred up the rabble and caused us problems”…Barky made no friends there in Cuba, or anywhere else, not the UK, not Europe, not Japan….no ally of the USA likes nor wants to receive the arrogant bastard…. such a good prezzy…..NOT.

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