Right On Cue – Blactivist Calls For Tearing Down of the AMERICAN Flag

My immediate reaction upon hearing that the gubmint was going to start looking into taking down all things confederacy was that blacks don’t think all that much about the confederate flag, they hate the American flag.

Breitbart –

Louis Farrakhan stated “We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag” in remarks before the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC on Wednesday first reported by DC’s WMAL.

Farrakhan said, “White folks march with you because they don’t want you upsetting the city, they don’t give a damn about them nine.”

He added that when the police took suspected shooter Dylann Roof to Burger King they were saying “You did a good job. Kill all them [bleep.]”

Later, he declared, “I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag. We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag,” comments that were meant with cheers and applause. He added, “Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag.”


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  1. Der Fuhrerakhan, black Hitler, be careful what you wish for…foolish nigger.

    I grow so tired of these assholes.
    The more they want to censor me the more emboldened I will become.
    Bring it, assholes!

  2. The Instagram Military sights I follow are expecting this. All I can say is I would not push this much farther if I were Calipso Joe. Cause somebodies gonna take his head off. And these guys can do it.

  3. Are you telling me ALL of your posts have gone through the past few days Brad?

    I got to where I was certain to Ctrl+C my text so I wouldn’t have to rewrite it.
    Frustrating but I know Fur & Co. are doing their best.

  4. Lets have a nation wide test right now to put an end to this. Face the American flag, put your hand on your heart, and recite the pledge of allegiance — or get your anti-American ass out of our country.

    Start with the politicians in D.C.

  5. We need to find a smaller subset of the population to put the blacks in check, maybe the gays are up for the task. Obviously majority and common sense no longer rules.

  6. Unfortunately, all we needed was some asshole like Root to set off another asshole like Farrakhan. If you don’t think this atrocity is going to be used to justify retaliation against white people then you are kidding yourself. The New Black Panthers are hard at it right now too along with Calypso Louie and all of his quasi-mussie extremists.

    Long hot summer…this flag business is a convenient distraction with very short legs.

  7. Not up to me Tommy. This week is the Ranger Hall of Fame Induction Week. Would that be bad ass to attend or what? Americas best. They are all posting pictures of them hugging McRistal. I know that’s spelled wrong, but I’m to Freaken tired to look it up.

  8. Also That guys been slammed relentlessly by the Fag Admin, but all these Rangers would follow him into any battle so I’m thinking he’s an honorable man. To be clear, I’m not a vet, should have been. These guys only respect combat vets so I rarely comment. But I listen and learn a lot.

  9. I think this is a minority of idiot blacks. The media likes to make a light rain into a thunderstorm. Sorta like the Occupy movement was supposed to be some revolution.


    It’s 12 people talking shit on TV and a handful of people fist-pumping on twitter and then they’re like- “well, I did MY part.”

    I’m thinking there are black people out there moaning and groaning and wishing these people would shut the fuck up and go back on their meds.

  10. MJA, I love ya, get behind me when this shit starts. And it’s going to start. Barry will see to that. This is a really bad situation.

  11. Get behind me is a metaphor Tommy. You’re living in a bad spot. Same goes for you. Don’t make me say it Tommy. This keeps going down this path you will need to head west.

  12. Hater Farrakhan would never leave this country and go to Africa. He’d have nothing to push back against over there. Maybe all that hate will make him sick and kill him.

  13. I thought this asshole’s days were numbered due to Cancer.

    Side note: The National Action Network is demanding the New Black Panthers leave Charleston SC. Highly ironic when you consider what Al’s group did to incite the problems in Ferguson. Maybe they just don’t want competition.

  14. MJA – I agree with you. From what I observe with the normal black people I work around every day – they don’t want anything to do with a war between black and white people, and wish race baiters like farrakan would STFU and stop acting like they are talking for them.

    But people like farrakan and Obama want to start a race war to divide and destroy civilized America so that the muslim brotherhood, of which they are both a part, can come in and have an easier time of their planned genocide of the infidel.

    I hope decent people of all races in the US stick together and not let the dreams of these evil madmen come to fruition.

  15. Who’s willing to die for Calypso Gene?
    That’s the question.

    Calypso Gene would absolutely destroy the Gravy Train and most people, negro and otherwise, have enough sense to understand that.

    Here is my American Flag.
    (on the front porch)

    Come take it.

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