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RIP B. J. Thomas


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  1. It’s been a hard season, seeing the obits of so many of the icons from my childhood.
    The only thing that will turn this around is when I start seeing multiple weekly obits of the POS’s in DC.
    RIP to both Mr Thomas and Mr MacLeod.
    They both leave behind memories of a much happier time.

  2. Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka…
    I know he didnt do that version, but I can see him dancing into heaven to it!
    RIP sir… you left some great music foe us!
    Thank you!

  3. This is one of the VERY FEW times I will say that someone did a song that I prefer To Elvis’ Version:

    “I just Can’t Help Believing”

    He did it better than anyone else.

  4. @ grool

    You’re on the right track…
    Bacharach & David asked Ray Stevens to record their song, but he turned them down. He was their first choice to sing it.

  5. B.J. Thomas and his song “Raindrops” has such a special meaning to me. I was in a scholarship program in college called the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing program or WRAIN at the time the song was popular. It was sung to us innumerable times and we were referred to as WRAIN drops. RIP Mr. Thomas, you brought a smile to this woman’s face many times.

  6. “Billy and Sue” was my favorite B J Thomas song. Listen to it. It says a lot. I was lucky enough to see him in person. He was such a nice guy. I shall say a prayer for him.


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