RIP Chris Squire – Yes Bassist – IOTW Report

RIP Chris Squire – Yes Bassist

He succumbed to Leukemia.


In tribute I’m going to post one of my favorite Yes songs.


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  1. Squire and Yes were one of the handlfull of bands that were actually better live back in the day. (70’s)

  2. Man I’m getting old
    Saw them in LA back in the seventies.
    They became the benchmark for ‘Tight’ as far as bands go.
    That was back in my Floyd, ELP, Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep Genesis Jethro Tull days.

  3. What an amazing and imaginative musician Chris Squire was! He brought lots of excitement and interest to an instrument that usually stays out of the spotlight. In spite of his superb bass chops, his playing never got in the way of the song. I hope musicians will always try to learn from yesterday’s masters, such as Chris Squire.

    One of my favorite Chris moments:
    Yours is no disgrace – when it gets all quiet, ‘silly human race…’ And Chris leans into it on the low notes, letting you know the music is going to change again. Subtle but effective.

    I’m very grateful he shared his music with us.

  4. I have a lot of Yes on vinyl. Still listen to them now and then.

    I had this album but left it a party, back in the day.

    Listening to this puts me back in the 70’s

  5. Awwwwww. Love Yes. My favorite: Roundabout.

    In and around the lake, mountains come out of the sky and they stand there

    I saw that. Back in the mid 70s I was camping in the Tetons across the lake from the range. Got there late so it was dark. Woke up to almost solid cloud cover.

    I say almost, because, as I was looking across the lake to see if I could make out the mountains, my eyes were drawn upward.

    Chills. There were the mountains. They came out of the sky and they were standing there. I cried. It was so beautiful. .

  6. I have a lot of Yes on vinyl and on CD. Close to the Edge is still my favorite. Saw them perform it in person. They were the featured group and the opening group was The Eagles. Went to see the Eagles again when they got popular and the opening was Linda Ronstadt.

  7. My favorite band for most of my life, and Squire my favorite bass player. I recently bought a Rickenbacker bass because I always wanted one. If only I could play it 1/10th as well as Chris.

  8. RIP, Chris Squire.
    I’ve been to 6 rock concerts in my lifetime, 4 of them were YES concerts.
    A little while ago, I happened to me wearing one of my old YES concert T-shirts when I had my cholesterol checked at the doctor’s office. The girl who took my blood asked me who “YES” was, and I explained that they were a rock band back in the 70s.
    Then, it suddenly occurred to me. That dam shirt was older than she was!

  9. A band that both I and my son love… Great music….

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  10. I loved my old Roger Dean “Maybe” t-shirt.

    The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge, Tales, and Relayer were the quintessential Yes albums. Olias Of Sunhillow was the icing on the cake after Relayer. (That’s the LP in my avatar. It’s loosely based on the travels of the airship in Fragiles’ album cover. A Jon Anderson album, most of the Yes crew worked on it.)

    Went to the Relayer concert in Colt Park, CT. The pre-show music pumped out of the tower speakers were the Sound Chaser studio sessions. More mysterious sounding than Sound Chaser.

  11. This is very sad news. I was raised listening to Yes & always loved Chris’s dynamic bass playing. By far one of the greatest bass players of all time. I saw Yes at seattle’s Bena Royal Hall in 2002 & it was one of the two best concerts I’ve ever seen. God speed Mr Squire & thank you for for the joy you’ve brought & will continue to to bring to my life.

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