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RIP Jameson

Marko has been sharing his beautiful doggie with us in the Sunday Critters for a while. He now has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is romping the fields waiting for his best friend to join him some day. Here is Marko’s tribute to Jameson:

Jameson was an Irish Terrier. He also answered to Jamie, Jamieboy, Jamester, and Jamis, but he did not answer to any of these names unless he felt like it. Irish Terriers aren’t for everybody. You must have a sense of humor to get through a day with one in your life.  

Irish Terriers are extremely energetic animals. If Jameson wanted to go for a walk, he used to gather the leash in his mouth and drag it around the house until he prevailed upon his codependent owner to set out for a jaunt along the many trails in the area. Often times, Jamie would twirl in circles like a whirling dervish at the front door to indicate that it was time to get going. 

Jamie usually slept soundly on a dog bed or at the end of the couch every night until around three o’clock in the morning, when he demanded to be let outdoors to micturate. After conducting his business, Jamieboy would run around the house two or three times to make sure there were no cougars trespassing on his domain. 

During the daytime, the Jamester chased squirrels and ravens around the yard. Jamie never caught up with a single one, but his enthusiasm for the chase never flagged. At night, he was watching out for raccoons and rabbits. Occasionally, a leaf would fall off a tree a few blocks away, and that was enough to cause the Red Devil to go to barking. 

Whenever I left his home without taking him with me, Jameson would wait for me to return by the front door or the gate, and he would demonstrate his loyalty by sleeping on my bed every night until I returned. Jameson was ten years and six months old at the end of his life. Now that Jamie is not with me anymore, he has left me with lingering memories of love and laughter and shared adventures for the rest of my life. Jamieboy gave me all these gifts.

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  1. The cool thing about dogs is that even when they’re 80 years old (doggy time) they still act like 2 year olds! They never lose that enthusiasm about simple things or their devotion to people who love them! God bless ’em all!

  2. I love my dogs like my kids! Have “put down” 7 last 60 years. Heartbroken each time. If
    Angus outlives me my son will give him a good home. If I outlive Angus (not my grandson, my dog) I may die of a broken heart. My only regret with Angus is I can’t hunt anymore, artificial knees!

    Labs love to get birds! I like to eat ’em

  3. I hate it when I lose a beloved dog. Or cat. They’re just wonderful beings. Sorry for your loss.

    It’s funny. A coworker dropped by the house yesterday for the first time ever. My Australian shepherd ran between his legs. My cat was also all over him.

    These critters bring immense joy to our lives.

    I love them all.

    Cat is a dented can retard. But I love him just the same. A friend said there was a kitten that had been run over by a car and needed a home. She brought him into the room and he bounced off the walls.
    Hence his name.

    It’s me it’s me it’s Ernest T.

    Ernest T is an odd cat.

    And Petey the dog humps him during doggie dinner prep.

    It’s quite a show.

  4. I’m sure Jameson is chasing tennis balls and sniffing butts up in doggy heaven even as I sit and type this. We don’t mourn for the departed, for they are at peace; we mourn for our own loss of a loved one. Peace.

  5. Thank all of you for your kind comments. Jameson was having his teeth cleaned and the Veterinarian noticed a tumor in his throat, which a biopsy proved to be cancerous. He was treated at the Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital’s Cancer Clinic in Ft. Collins. Although he was only expected to live for a few months, the expert care and attention Jamie received kept him in good health for 446 days, and he only had a few distressful hours before he drew his last breath. We always want a few more years with our pets. Every day with Jamieboy was special, and I’m very grateful for the help and prayers that Claudia extended to Jamieboy and me during the time when my dog was being treated for his malady.

  6. What a lovely tribute to your friend, Marko. I’m sorry for your loss. Having lost too many over the years, I feel your pain. Was it Mark Twain who said “if there are no dogs in heaven, I don’t want to go”?

    I’ll raise a glass of Jameson’s namesake in his honor.

  7. Whew! You had a character living with you for 10+ years. I feel for your loss Marko.
    Your well written tribute paints a nice picture of your furry buddy. May you both be reunited down the road. ‘Til then, remember all the good times.

  8. My deepest condolences on the passing of Jameson.

    “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

    — Mark Twain

    But I will disagree with Mr. Twain.


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