Robert Mueller’s Day In Court

It’s gotten to the point where Mueller is more of an embarrassment to the people who put him in charge of the Russian collusion investigation than he is to himself. Case in point, when the lawyers representing one of the Russian firms indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Management, showed up in court last week demanding a trial to defend his client. When the judge asked if the attorney was also representing Concord Catering, another indicted firm in the Russian collusion case, the defense lawyer proceeded to lay a beating on the Mueller team attorney, Jeannie Rhee, that should have her reconsidering her career choices. More

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  1. This would be hilarious, if this was a third world nation doing this.
    Here in the 1st world, it’s embarrassing. If only the Left knew how to be embarrassed.

  2. It’s becoming so clear to me now that Mueller and the leftists have been trying to bait Trump into firing him to save this type of embarrasment from happening. It’s only going to get worse. Mueller doesn’t even have live blanks to fire at this point.

    Sure he has his monkey poo to throw and the media lapdogs to try to cover to try to make some poo stick, but every day that passes the public is getting sicker and sicker of the BS. Just a matter of time now the whole damn breaks.

  3. I think I heard this on Rush the other day: Concord is invoking their right to a speedy trial. Mueller’s team is opposing it on the grounds that they did not think that Concord was properly served. Concord basically said, “We’re here, aren’t we?”

    Mueller et al got indictments against people without being at all ready to proceed. As has been reported many places, Mueller never figured that the company would actually fight this thing so it would appear as a Mueller victory and a Trump loss. Concord threw a monkey wrench in the works when they actually fought back.

    You would think that Mueller should at least face charges of violating civil rights, if nothing else. Getting an indictment strictly because you didn’t expect them to respond?

  4. It’s gotten to the point where Mueller is more of an embarrassment to the people who put him in charge of the Russian collusion investigation than he is to himself.

    Mueller exhibits no sign that he is even capable of embarrassment, much less shame.

  5. Aren’t these the same folks that lecture us about Integrity this and that. Looks like their Integrity stops at their lips leading edge.

  6. This collusion thing is even worse than I thought – now a ham sandwich is involved with Russia? I sure hope this thing does not spread to a tasty pastrami on rye; I have it on good authority that pastrami sandwiches would never be involve in collusion.

  7. Mueller is going to end up calling in bomb threats to various courtrooms to stymie all these trials he got started. Flynn, Manafort, Concord…who knows who will push back next? Better stock up on burner phones, Bob.

  8. Just because it didn’t exist, doesn’t mean there wasn’t intent. And that’s all that matters, as an matter (wink) of law.


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