Rushers?? Naaaa

Uncle Al says- “Breitbart has an article by Ezra Dulis wherein he points out that we’ve had “birthers” and “truthers” and now we need a nickname for believers in the now-debunked “Russia pee tape” hoax / conspiracy theory. 

Ezra has picked “Rushers” derived from “Russia”.  I think we at iOTW can do better than that.  “Pissers” came to mind, and maybe “Pooters” would work, derived from Putin (the evil potentate at the center of all that’s evil).

Contest time.”


I agree. Rushers sounds like people who follow Limbaugh.

We csan do better.

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  1. I pulled the following trick on a bastard, for his thieving bastardy ways:
    Take a five gallon water bottle. Cut the top off to make a giant funnel. Then invert the top and place back in the bottle. Make sure the cap is off.
    Drop in a fat piece of fish in the bottom and set it in the sun for a week. Soon the bottle will be black because of the thousands of flies that were born inside of the bottle and cannot get out.
    Carefully place in a brand new UPS box and tape it closed and put an old shipping label on it and go and place it on your porch (I placed mine on his porch)
    Hopefully, the bastards open it in their car

  2. Democrats.

    Moronic slave zombies that swallowell any ridiculous lie THE PARTY and its mouth organ, the media, peddles on any given day.

  3. Fanta-D’s
    Psychopathic Enslavement Party
    Piss & Moaners

    hell, call them what they portray … jackasses

  4. Faggots, lesbians, cucks, pillow biter (Obama), pedophiles, rapists to name a few. Oh I’m not participating, just wanted to vent.


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