Russia Caught Manipulating Athlete Data – Gets Four Year Ban From Global Sports

For a nation the democrats fear has and will steal elections, the Russians aren’t really genius at committing high tech cheating.  After being banned from international sports for massive, state supported doing in 2015, the Russians appealed the three year ban and was conditionally reinstated in 2018.

As a condition for their reinstatement, the Russians had to share all information on their athletes drug testing records. They instead tried to manipulate their files to shield the cheaters. After being caught in the act, the Compliance Review Committee went to the World Anti-Doping Association which ruled early today that no athlete may compete for the Russian flag for the next four years.

This includes the 2022 World Cup (soccer) and the 2020 Olympics. More

8 Comments on Russia Caught Manipulating Athlete Data – Gets Four Year Ban From Global Sports

  1. Right…but the mentally ill men who think they’re women can compete as women?

    If I was the Russians I’d start my own games. Screw the “Olympics” and “international” idiots.

  2. The U.S. should withdraw too and start Real Epic Summer and Winter Games again for heavy metals. Old School Rules.

    Imagine that. No more official IOC licensing. No money money money.

    President Trump should BOYCOTT the IOC and start NEW GAMES with the BIG 3.

    Who would be against that?
    John Kerry Bike Riding MONEY DIVERS. That’s one.

  3. Here’s what it’s coming down to.

    200 nations playing tic tac toe. Winners get t shirts with the year on it in gold silver or bronze, auotgraphed by the judges.

  4. What a great idea. If the USA pulled out of the “olympics,” and started their own Games with rational rules, the olympics would die sooner rather than later.
    Just Do It !!


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