Twitter takes Shaun King to the fun house after he tries to play superhero

BPR: Shaun King, a white man who purports to be black, has now taken it upon himself to pretend he’s a superhero like Batman. In doing so, he’s managed to earn himself another round of hearty laughter. And as usual, everybody’s laughing at him, not with him.

This story begins in Miami, where a 21-year-old social media star named Kelvin Peña, aka Brother Nature, was assaulted at a sandwich shop on Friday evening.

According to reports, the assault began in the parking lot but proceeded indoors after Peña, the alleged victim, followed his attacker inside.

As videos of the assault began to go viral Saturday, King rushed in like a superhero, promising in tweets to Peña that he would locate the attacker and handle him:

What’s this man’s name?

— Shaun King (@shaunking) December 7, 2019

We will find these men who did this to you.

— Shaun King (@shaunking) December 7, 2019


King’s seemingly noble tweets weren’t well-received. Why? Because besides boasting a track record for lying about everything, the infamous Black Lives Matter activist has also been accused of scamming people out of their money. more here

18 Comments on Twitter takes Shaun King to the fun house after he tries to play superhero

  1. …you know if he names someone and they get their ass beat, you’ve just made yourself a prime suspect and this is exhibit “A”, right?

    …ok, carry on, then…

  2. Bullverine
    Catty Woman
    Captain Anti America
    Onan The Librarian
    Hell Who You Calling Boy
    Incredible Sulk
    Spider Vein Man
    Teenage Mutant Dindu Turtle
    Blunder Woman.

  3. Thirdtwin
    DECEMBER 9, 2019 AT 12:00 PM
    “Thank you, Super! Wakanda prize do I win?”

    …you win all the Purple Drank you can afford for the day, as long as you go to the store for it, pay for it yourself, and get the Skittles and iced tea home without a sudden urge to beat up an armed man on the way…


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