Russian Bot Fails To Dock With Space Station

The Russians have engineered a human like robot that they hope can be used onboard the International Space Station for routine or dangerous tasks. Skybot-850 or Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (Fedor) was suppose to be offloaded yesterday from a Soyuz resupply capsule, but the vessel was unable to dock due to a “rendezvous system malfunction.” Fedor is the fourth robot sent to the ISS (two American, one European).  More

13 Comments on Russian Bot Fails To Dock With Space Station

  1. “rendezvous system malfunction”

    Hey, this happened on a Friday night. I betcha the orbital mechanics had already punched out and were deep into rocket juice boilermakers.

  2. Ya know, the tune still works with the minor change od….

    🎶Ground Control to Diff’rent Tim.

    Hahaha. Just goofing on you, chum.


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