Ryan Sorba goes undercover at a gay bar to see who was “born that way.”

It turns out that an inordinate amount of people who were “born that way” were molested, and, in turn, molested others.

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  1. Been sayin’ that for years. The epidemic of it is the result of Kinsey’s “scientific” research that “normalized” molestation.

    The SCOTUS decision will perpetuate the “normalization” of sodomy. Obviously the decision will now normalize the beating up of religious and economic freedoms for the dissenters.

  2. Two points…something to ponder, Christians believe the rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise never to destroy the world again due to rampant sin. Isn’t it interesting that this is the very symbol they have hijacked?

    Second point, I would concur with the anecdotal research. Three of the gay men I worked with over the years who I had the opportunity to get to know all had very significant issues with their fathers growing-up which seemed to rest at the heart of their current orientation…seeking a male who will love them unconditionally.

    I fear the “party of science” has their fingers in their ears and is chanting “nah-nah-nah…I can’t hear you” as it is not politically correct to even question the “narrative.” Again, amazing how much Progressives are exactly what they claim to be against.

  3. Of the gay men, and one woman, that I know – they were either molested as kids, or estranged from their father – whether it be through divorce or just no real relationship. That’s why the two parent – Mom and Dad – component is so important.

    Being gay is a sad life…and now SCOTUS has just made it easier for them to slide down into sadder lives – and drag others with them.

  4. step 1 – homosexual
    step 2 – trans
    step 3/4 – beastiality
    step 3/4 – incest
    step 5 – the goal – pedo

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