Satellite Photos Show North Korea Dismantling Nuclear Testing Site – I See Something Else

Look closer at this satellite imagery. See it? Look closer still.

Upon careful and thoughtful inspection you will see another dismantling.

It’s the dismantling of Obama’s legacy.

You will also see an undeserving Nobel Peace Prize being given to a jug-eared community organizer that was fawned over because he was black.

If this picture is authentic, you will also see a Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to president Donald J. Trump for acts commensurate with what the prize was intended to be – an award for creating peace.

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20 Comments on Satellite Photos Show North Korea Dismantling Nuclear Testing Site – I See Something Else

  1. Amazing picture resolution. I can even see Lester Holt searching in the rubble for his credibility.

  2. “…for acts commiserate..” ??

    Sorry, but it should be “commensurate”?

    Not an insignificant difference.

  3. Pretty much the way of Global Socialists. A liberal minority hack is awarded something he did not earn, while a Conservative producer will be denied something so richly deserved.

  4. I wonder how many poor North Koreans were exposed to the leaking radiation working to dismantle this site, given no choice, and probably very little pay.

  5. Obama’s “legacy” was just another false belief in the collective fantasies of his insecure, low-esteem, low-info followers.

    Our President is dismantling all that, and doubtless much worse Obama sabotage and damage to our national security whose details we—mercifully—aren’t privy to.


    Little Rocket Man can posture and wriggle, but it’s clear PDT has leveraged the Chicoms to give Fat Boy up.
    I’m fine if PDT wants to give Kim the full Roman treatment, displayed in chains and dragged sobbing behind a chariot down Pennsylvania Avenue and his head mounted atop a flagpole.

  6. Mr. Trump should refuse the NOBEL on the grounds that if they’ll give one to Barry for doing nothing, the award is worthless.
    That will kill 70% of Liberal elites as they vapor lock on that


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