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Savages Depict Scott Walker’s Severed Head

A Facebook page titled Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park posted the portrait of a girl from one of the local Chippewa Tribes (you can tell because she’s wearing a pow-wow “jingle” dress) with the severed head of Scott Walker in her hand.

It’s crap like this that makes me hope they turn the Penokee Hills into a smoldering moonscape with their iron mine.


Note: I’m not posting the painting, it’s disgusting.

If you do go take a look be sure to check the comments section were “tommie” posted an appropriate response.

8 Comments on Savages Depict Scott Walker’s Severed Head

  1. The only thing missing is the sound of her mommy’s voice telling her to “run along now… you have to get ready for your abortion”….

  2. Once again, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind. Progtards gravitate towards this type of mindset simply because it serves their agenda. They have this twisted warped thinking that this form of protest is A-okay. But, as has been already pointed out: would this fly if the severed head was Obama’s?

  3. BFH – you have *GOT* to p’shop this with Lil’ Barry’s head. That just needs to happen. Then post that image back on whatever FB page this originally came from.

  4. Can wait to read how the progtards on my Facebook page justify this image as clever and add that she should be holding the heads of all of the Koch Brothers in the other hand.

    Good grief.

  5. According to one of the commentators at Pundit, they reported the image and received a response back that it did not violate Facebook’s community standards. I suspect if it were a pic of some small business owner holding Obama’s severed head thae image would be down already.

    People are starting to wonder about Zuckerbergs bloated, money losing company. The thing about internet and technology companies is that however fast they rise to the top they can drop even faster. Facebook is losing users and what’s more the users they have are visiting less often. The advertisers aren’t seeing the click thru’s with purchase they were led to believe was going to happen and are rethinking their ad buys. When the crash comes you want to bet that the one’s left holding the bag will be mostly small investors, pension plans ind individual IRA’s as the smart money already made their nut by pumping and dumping it.

  6. Imagine someone had to pose these children (I’m no art expert, but the hands aren’t very good are they?), paint this thing, then submit it to this Facebook page.

    That’s sustaining a particularly murderous hatred for a very long time. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be around someone so obsessed with doing violence to one person.

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